So I saw the oncologist yesterday and here’s what I learned.  There is a 60 to 70 percent chance that the cancer may have spread somewhere else in my body.  Not great numbers, but they could have been much worse.  (Sort of seems like my theme.)  I get a PET scan on Tuesday to see if we can find any.  Starting March 11, I start my chemo by entering a drug trial.  I’ll get the same drugs I would normally get with the possibility of an extra drug called Avastin.  It’s not new and has been used with success in Stage IV cancer.  Apparently cancer makes new blood vessels to feed itself and Avastin limits the body’s ability to do that, thus starving the cancer.  I’ll be on a dose dense regimen, getting chemo every other week, as well as another drug to help my bone marrow to make white blood cells.  The only downside to the drug trial is just having to wait so long after surgery to start the chemo.  But then, I still have my drains in.  Darn it.  And although they are slowing down, they are still not slow enough to take out and my oncologist isn’t that keen on starting chemo with them in.  So it really only delays chemo for a couple weeks.  After the chemo, I will get radiation and then 5 years of hormonal therapy.  I may or may not return to normal afterward; some people do and some people don’t.  It will also depend on results from genetic testing that might be done.  (Depends on the insurance company.)  My oncologist feels very strongly that I should get tested.  If I am positive for the breast cancer gene, it may be prudent to remove my ovaries.  That’s down the road though.  Anyway, I guess I get to keep my cute haircut for a little longer.  🙂