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Some people are dumb.

So, remember the whole car crashing through my backyard thing last October?  Well I’ve been summoned to testify against dumb guy.  I really try not to use the word dumb to describe people, but man, this guy’s kind of dumb.  Forget for a minute that he crashed a very expensive BMW trying to do a high school driving maneuver.  And that he ran from the scene.  And left his personal cell phone behind.  Now he failed to show up for court today so there’s an arrest warrant out for the guy.  And now I have to put my life on hold for a day, make sure I don’t have any doctor’s appointments, any scans, any anything, and find babysitting at a moment’s notice, just so I can come to court and tell the jury how dumb this guy is.  Ugh.

More than meets the eye.

I put Transformers at the top of our Netflix cue thinking we’d be getting this movie…

Apparently when you type in Transformer: the Movie, you get this…

Talk about nostalgia.  Heh.  I used to watch it with my little brother.  And check out who did the voices.  Orson Welles?  Too funny.  There’s actually a point in the film where a robot voiced by Eric Idle encourages the other Autobots to dance around a fire to “Dare to be Stupid.”  Really.  I’m not making this up.

Random Things

Ok.  Does anyone else think this looks like a flower boob?

I was in King Soopers this week (ok.  Every day.  Am I the only one that ends up at the grocery store every frickin’ day?)  And I saw this.

Fighting Breast Cancer, one cracker at a time...

Fighting Breast Cancer, one cracker at a time...

They’re on sale too.   I am grateful for any money that goes towards a cure, but MAN, some of the things that are “pink” amaze me.  Awareness is important, but I think some retailers just slap a ribbon on random products that aren’t selling.  I half expect to see a pink ribbon on last week’s potato rolls.  I’m beginning to think I missed a holiday somewhere because there is this “pink” aisle between the Halloween stuff and the Christmas stuff.  Apparently we’re skipping Thanksgiving this year…

Radiation update: I misunderstood.  I don’t get the scar boost until the end of treatment unless my skin starts coming off or something.  🙂  They just do the simulation early in case they need to switch stuff around.

Cancer cannot have me.

Somebody over at the YSC posted this link and I thought it was pretty powerful.

BTW, forgot the Friday Feel Up again.  So do it today.

Good stuff.

Found this on Knitting in the Shadows.  I’m so guilty of this, you know?  🙂


How many of us are afraid that appearing intelligent will make us look bad?  Kind of screwed up if you think about it.

Ob la di

I have to write this down before I forget.  L has been singing the Beatles all evening.

Orazi Oraza O lasagna, La la la la life goes on.

Hee hee hee.

And just so it’s stuck in your head too…

Hangin’ with the Yarn Thing

Marly came by Wednesday afternoon and made me go to the Apex Center with her.   Heh.  It was a real arm twister.  Not to work out or anything.  Just hang and knit while our kids acted like a bunch of crazy monkeys in the play area.  Now what she doesn’t know is why it took me so long to get to the car.  I lost my foob.  I’ve gotten in the habit of taking it off as soon as I get home and leaving it in strange places.  I had the kids all ready to go in the car and couldn’t find my foob.  Today I found it in the snack basket.  That day I think it was on my laptop.  Apparently I need a lo-jack for my foob.  Anyway, the kids had a great time and Marly gave me these for my crocs!

Also for use in your knits!

Also for use in your knits!

Click the pic to make it bigger.  Anyway, they’re made by Polar Knits.  Way cool.  🙂