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Heartbreakingly Cute Kimono

So I finished the kimono and am generally pleased with it. It was my first time doing mattress stitch on garter stitch so I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. I’m not in love with how the seaming went under the arms but as I’ve been reading on the internet, I’m not the only one having problems. I think it looks too Frankensteiny but my sister assures me that no one will notice. Heh. Since it was for a little boy I did opt for the button instead of the ties. That part was easy. 🙂

Oo you look so pretty!

Apparently dress up isn’t just a girl thing. He loves that poncho. He’ll get it off his head and be very upset that it won’t go on again. He’ll toddle on over (it’s not really walking until the fear of him bashing his head on the coffee table goes away. ) and hand me the poncho with a very distraught look on his face until I put it back on. I like to pretend that he’s an elf in the Lord of the Rings, but the pink bow kind ruins the image. Hee hee.

Cable Hat

Just finished a cable hat from http://www.stitchcafe/freepatterns. I had splurged and purchased some Bliss cashmerino for a pair of “Fetching” for my friend and had a freak out moment at the end that I was not going to have enough yarn. I did. So I made her this matching hat.
Speaking of not having enough yarn. I was working on the Mason-Dixon kimono that called for 2 balls of Peaches and Creme. I ran out of yarn. With about 10 rows to go. Grr. So….another trip to Wal Mart.


Finished Calorimetry from this morning. The knitting was pretty easy, even the short rows (hee hee), but then the short row holes are part of the pattern. And I’m very good at making short row holes. I love the hat though, especially since traditional hats give me a headache. I used a purple skein of Paton’s Classic Wool (I have a LOT of Patons. Can’t resist $3.99 at Joanns.) that I can’t remember what I purchased for, since most of the Patons was for J’s soakers.
My 4 year old took the picture of me; a rare thing on my blogs as I tend to duck the camera on a regular basis. Plus it’s a sweats and no makeup day.

Um. Oops.

Take a close look at the picture. Notice anything? Apparently I either need to drink every time I cable. Or not drink when I cable. When I put on my gloves today I realized that the cables looked tighter on the right hand. After further inspection, it is apparent that they are not tighter, but shorter! The left hand glove has one more round in each cable than the right hand. Grr. Not a huge deal, just means one glove is 3 round longer than the other. It makes it so I can tell them apart at least.

I finished the drawstring for the stripey doodlepants. J wore them yesterday without and after some good crawling, he started crawling out of them so I’m glad I finished it. I have just enough yarn for a matching hat, so I’m kind of knitting on faith and hoping I don’t run out. Heh. He does seem to like them though. Usually getting him dressed is sort of an olympic sport and yesterday he would hold his legs out to put his pants on. It’s probably because he was cold, but a mother can dream, right?

So that’s where they went!

As noted in a previous blog entry, DS has figured out the Diaper Champ. Which is now where he puts all the CLEAN diapers.

Fetching and Stripey Doodlepants done!

I really like the gloves as it’s been FREEZING here. They’ve worked out to be very nice knitting gloves. As for the stripey doodlepants, here’s what I’ve learned.
1) I still stink at short rows. Next time I’m going to try the yarn over short row instead of the short row and wrap.
2) Short rows and stripes do go together just fine. Can’t hardly tell.
3) Stripes make measuring leg lengths a breeze! Loved it! I’m so lazy it’s sad.
4) My mother thinks J should wear the stripey doodlepants on his head so he can look like the cat in the hat. (and we wonder where I get my sense of humor from!)

I still need to add a drawstring. It’s made with Paton’s Classic Wool which is nice and soft, but it definitely stretches over time.

We have no snow shovels today!

Ugh. There are no snowshovels in the state of Colorado. I swear. The one we currently have has no handle on the end. This seems to work well for John or he would have said something I’m sure. But for me…well, it means that every time I picked up a load of snow, the shovel would slip and dump snow right where I picked it up from. Little progress was made. So I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort since it was going to melt off today, right? Heh. Except there’s YET ANOTHER STORM coming in this afternoon. You can see it off to the west. Ugh. The kids are SO tired of being cooped up. A trip to Walmart was the highlight of the day so far. Yippee. Where they HAD NO SNOW SHOVELS! Ugh.

Fetching half done!

I finished the left hand last night. Yes. I was knitting on New Year’s Eve. Heh. I even had a Smirnoff Twisty thingy that kicked my butt, but apparently did not affect my cables. Weird.
I used Cascade 220, probably the most expensive yarn I’ve used to date. After knitting with it, I can definitely see how easy it would be to become a yarn snob. Hee. It’s SO soft!
I’m through the first set of cables on the right hand. I laugh when the pattern says that you can knit these up in a weekend. Maybe if I locked myself up in the bathroom for a few hours. I don’t imagine the kids would take to that too well.