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Picture day 2011

Miss? Why are your lips blue? Are you ok?

Um. That would be makeup. But thanks for asking.

So I’ve started to have the kids sign out when they use the restroom. Don’t judge. I need to know where they are. ūüôā

I checked the log today and saw (names changed)

Jim. 9/27/11
Bob. Poop

I love teaching! Where else would this stuff happen?!


Penne with roasted tomato sauce

So my friend Lindsey gave me a bunch of tomatoes that have spent a lonely week on my counter. Today I decided to do something about it, so I perused my cookbooks and found a simple roasted tomato sauce in “The Best of the Best” by Food and Wine magazine. I adapted it to what I had lying around and am very pleased by the results.

Basically, you stick your your tomatoes (the recipe calls for 3 lbs. I used as many as would fit on my toaster oven pan, adding two cooked chicken sausages I found in the meat drawer.) under the broiler with a drizzle of olive oil until the tomatoes are cracked open, hot, and even blackened a bit. Meanwhile, cook a pound of pasta. I had penne, the recipe called for orrechiete. When the tomatoes are done, smash them in a bowl with a ton of fresh basil (i used about 40 leaves), the chicken sausage, and a spoonful of chopped garlic (I used the jar kind). The hot tomatoes will wilt the basil. Stir in the pasta and serve with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. I do think I added about a teaspoon of salt and a couple cranks of pepper to the sauce. It was very yummy. You should serve it with garlic bread. I served it with bagel thins, because that’s how I roll. And that’s what I could find on the counter.


Facebook BC Awareness Games and the 31 Day Project

It’s getting near October again and so the Facebook Breast Cancer Awareness games are afoot. ¬†I’ve written before how I feel about awareness things. ¬†Many companies make money off Breast Cancer Awareness by slapping a Pink Ribbon on their product while actually donating very little to the search for a cure. ¬†Yes. A Cure. ¬†There isn’t one, by the way.

But I digress.

So here’s Breast Cancer in a nutshell.

1.You’re diagnosed. ¬†You’re scared. ¬†You have disfiguring surgery. ¬†This makes you somewhat sensitive about your own body.

2.You have chemo.  It makes you sick.  It creates lasting issues with your reproductive system.  For many women, getting pregnant post-cancer treatment is impossible or ill-advised.

So here’s where I’m going with this. ¬†The last two Facebook Awareness games have been somewhat distressing for many of my cancer friends. ¬†When we were asked to post our bra strap last year, we didn’t know what to put. ¬†Many of us could no longer wear them. ¬†Back to issue #1. ¬†Now this year, the game makes it look like you are pregnant. ¬†Enter issue #2. ¬†Part of my grieving process post treatment was the realization that I shouldn’t have any more children. ¬†So grateful for the ones I have, but I wanted to make that decision. ¬†I really hate being told I can’t do something.

Also, an awareness game where you’re not allowed to tell anybody about it except by message isn’t really awareness, is it? ¬†And finally, awareness only goes so far. ¬†It doesn’t lead us to a cure. ¬†Does it make women go get mammograms? ¬†Maybe. ¬†That would be good.

I think if you ask most women who have had cancer, it’s not a fun game for us. ¬†It’s sort of like parading in front of us ¬†the things that we no longer have in the name of awareness. And to add insult to injury, many of my friends who have spoken up have been accused as “not having a sense of humor” or “spoiling the fun”.

I’m sure who ever started it had the best of intentions. ¬† But there’s no real information. ¬†1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the course of their lifetime. ¬†Also, men can get breast cancer. ¬†And although the mortality rate for women in general is declining, that doesn’t actually apply to younger women with breast cancer. ¬†Our stats have basically stayed the same. ¬†Breast Cancer in young women tends to be more aggressive. ¬†And the number of young women diagnosed is increasing. ¬†Prevention is awesome but it’s not a cure. ¬†And for those of us that have been through it, or live with it, we’d like to see a viral Facebook game that truly makes a difference. ¬†Donate time. ¬†Donate money. ¬†One of my friends is putting together something for the month of October that will do those things and I will be posting it on Facebook.

I am asking you to help make THAT go viral.

Or at the very least, when you receive a Facebook Awareness Game, add some of the statistics.  Encourage women to know their bodies so if there is a change, they know to go get it checked.   Here are some links to get you going:

U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics

Breast Cancer in Young Women  Lastly, please know that if you did forward a game to me, I do know it was because you care. And I appreciate it! I just think we can make it better!

Edited to add:

The 31 day project is up and running!  Check it out!