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Grilled Mac and Cheese Contest

It’s been nutty here at Casa de Throws Like a Girl and I completely spaced the mac and cheese thing.

1 and 1/2 hours.  It really took that long.  and no, it was NOT the best mac and cheese ever.  After all that the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Figures, huh?

So that makes our winner Marie of Knitted Gems!

Marie – I was thinking of knitting something for your coming little one as a prize.  Got a favorite color?  Or a specific need, IE soakers if you’re cloth diapering…  Also, if you could pm me your address over at Ravelry.  🙂


Contest Results!

And the winner of the Knit Picks Dancing is…..

Prairie Mama Kim! Please email me at nicstagATyahooDOTcom with where to send it!
And since the boy wanted to help too…

Creative Process’ Claudia gets some Knit Picks Simple Stripes!
Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! I still haven’t decided what to make yet! I really like the idea of making some little gloves as Christmas gifts but I also like the idea of a lacey scarf!
Today I took my 40 percent off coupon over to Joann’s and found this:

The animals are so cute! Click the picture to check it out over at Amazon. I will admit all these toy recalls are making me think I should knit all the toy gifts this year. Heh. At least I know the sheep aren’t tainted with lead. Hopefully.

100th Post Contest!

I just realized that my tiny little post the other day was my 100th post! Have I really posted that much? What a lame 100th post. So anyway, it seems appropriate that to celebrate 100 posts, I have a contest. Recently, I acquired (ok. Scrounged out of the orphan basket) 8 44 yard skeins of Silky Cashmere by Elsebeth Lavold. It’s lovely stuff but I’m at a loss as to what to do with it. I need suggestions! I need the vast knitting knowledge of patterns that many of you bloggers hold! I need to know how many people actually read my blog! Oh wait. Not really. Anyway, from those suggestions, I will randomly have my 2 year or 4 year old (depending on who’s most cooperative) pick out a winner. And what shall they receive Vanna? Two balls of Knitpicks Dancing sock yarn! (Hey. It could’ve been a bunch of Fun Fur. No really. I have heaps from a dollar sale at Big Lots when I first started knitting.)

(Seriously, if anybody wants that fun fur, let me know. Heh.)