“You make me some mitts, Mama?” he asked, as I made another pair of Fetchings,  “for my hands?”  How could I not?  Picking up some mystery worsted weight orange yarn my sister brought on Thanksgiving, I cast on. 


Why yes! I AM sitting on my daddy

Little J Mitts

Yarn:  Worsted Whatever

Needles:  Size 8 double points

Cast on 30 stitches using the long tail method.  Divide equally on 3 needles and join for knitting in the round.  You could use a stitch marker if you want to, but these things are tiny and I just use the tail from the cast on to remind me where the beginning of the round is.

Rounds 1 – 8: K1, P1 rib

Rounds 9-18: Knit

Round 19:  Turn your work and purl back across the needles you just finished knitting.  (You’ll be looking at the wrong side.)  We’re making the thumb hole by knitting back and forth on the needles instead of in the round. 

Round 20:  Turn and knit as normal

Round 21:  Repeat 19

Round 22:  Repeat 20

Round 23 – 24:  Knit, rejoining your knitting for knitting in the round.  Pull that first stitch as tight as you can.  🙂

Round 25 – 26:  K1, P1 rib

Bind off in K1, P1 rib.  Weave in your ends.


Ta da!  Little J Mitts!  Very fast.  I probably could have finished them during one viewing of the Incredibles if I had started when the movie did.  🙂  The same size also fits my 6 year old.  🙂