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Chicken Shawarma!

I’ve been somewhat obsessed by the idea of chicken Shawarma since seeing the Avengers earlier this summer. I scoured the Internet for recipes until I found one that sounded yummy, healthy, and easy. Two things I love about this recipe: the marinade and the yogurt sauce. Both are easy and made with simple ingredients.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that the state of Colorado is pretty much on fire, and temperatures are in the 100s. Since there is no way I’m turning on an oven and I’m avoiding the outside, I used the foreman grill to cook the chicken, which worked out perfectly.

Any way here’s the link:

chicken Shawarma at budget bytes

And a picture 🙂



BBQ chicken chopped salad in a mason jar

So one of my family’s favorite light dinners is our version of the California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken chopped salad. I am terrible about eating leftovers so I copied something that’s been bouncing around the Internet for a while – mason jar salads.

I put the ingredients in in the following order:

A tablespoon of BBQ sauce
A tablespoon of light ranch dressing
Fresh corn kernels
Lime juice

In theory,I should be able to shake the jar when it’s time for lunch. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Edited to add:

It worked brilliantly.