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Time’s up!

Fun guesses everybody! And as you can see its all done…


It’s a baby cocoon!

For my friend Laima’s baby who’s coming any day now 🙂

I was going to make a sweater, but I saw this pattern and had to try it out. My boy would have loved this thing. In fact he asked me if I could yarn him one in his size. Heh. Like a sleeping bag? I asked. Except with lots and lots of yarn, he said.


Guess what I’m making!

The phone is for scale.


Baby hat done

I’m sure the people who started reading my blog for the knitting are in shock. 3 knitting posts in a month! Heh. Or is it four? I’m too lazy to count. Anyway, I finished the baby hat. It turned out very cute. Here’s the link for those who’d like to look it up. (Hopefully this works. I’m blogging from my iPod.).   (Ok.  Didn’t work.  Fixing now.)

I have enough yarn to make another hat in reverse colors. I already cast it on and intend to give it to super cute mini nephew. Not going to tell my sister though. Going to see if she reads my blog. Heh.


Getting my knit on

So I’ve got an accompanying job this week. For years now I’ve played many different Missoula Children’s Theatre productions around town. It’s a touring group of 2 that come and teach a week long musical to local students. Definitely a high quality experience and worth your time if one comes to your town. Anyway, I’ve played the piano for them for about 14 years now and marvel that I still haven’t repeated a show. Anyway, in the early stages of rehearsal I get a lot of knitting done. With the skirt finished, I needed a new portable project. I started the fair isle hat for my friend’s baby to be. It’s a free download from revelry. I’ll try to remember to post a link.

In other news, I got my first sunburn of the year. Woo. It was picnic day at school today and I sat outside with the kids. I so know better. Time to put a tube of sunscreen in the car for emergencies like that. I was wearing my compression sleeve so I now have a reverse truck driver tan. Again, woo.

And speaking of compression sleeves, a little girl asked me about mine at rehearsal.

I said,” the short version is that my arm doesn’t work quite like it should.”

She very seriously looked back at me through a darling pair of glasses and said, ” it’s ok. My eye doesn’t quite work like it should either. We’re lucky we caught it early. ” and skipped off to finish her dinner.


Carnaby modeled

Here it is. On an actual person. We need to redo the buttons, but all in all I think we’re both pleased.


Hey look what I made!

I started this skirt as a Christmas present for a friend of mine.  So, um.  Merry Christmas!

Anyway, I finally got the ambition/buttons to finish it and sewed them on this weekend.  The pattern is Carnaby from Knitty and I would happily make it again.  Mindless enough to do without thinking too hard (don’t have to carry the pattern around).  Knit until it fits.  The hardest part was tracking my friend down to do occasional fittings.  Anyway, I’ll try to get her to model it for a better picture.  The yarn is Lion Brand Woolease.

Funny thing:  The buttons are Buffalo Nickels.  Made in Italy.

Lost and Found

So a couple of weeks ago, my sister calls me and says, “You’ll never guess what I found!”

“My Charmed Knits!”‘

“Um.  No.  But you’ll be really excited.”

“More excited than if you’d found my Charmed Knits?”

I believe there was some eye rolling that I couldn’t see over the phone.  Heh.

So remember the camera I lost back in 2009?  It turns out I must have put it in the jogging stroller zippered pocket.  Now here’s the super amazing thing.  I gave that stroller away.  And before I did, I hosed it down.  And my sister’s friend then hosed it down again.  And then looked in the pocket and found the camera – which still works!

So I have pictures of L during Tae Kwan Do (the only day she didn’t cry, I might add).

But the happy finding things, doesn’t stop there.  I DID find my Charmed Knits book.  Sitting on the filing cabinet.  In my room.  Where I know I looked several times.  I think it was under an invisibility spell.

And here’s the kicker.  I went to take a picture of the old camera for this post.  And I can’t find it.

Makin’ Mittens

And when I typed that, I sang it in my head to the tune of Makin’ Whoopee.  Because that’s how I roll.

So yeah, I’ve been knittin’ mittens.  And now I’m out of people to knit mittens for so I’m back to socks.  Too hot for anything else.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, I lost my Charmed Knits book.  I wish I knew where I left it.  So my mittens have all been the 36 stitch EZ pattern, except mine which I increased to 48 stitches.  One change I made from the fist pair was how I decreased.  On the girl’s mittens, I did symmetrical decreases on either side which created a left and a right.  On mine and the boy’s (he picked his colors, by the way), I did a k2tog every 8 stitches, alternating a row even so that the mittens could go either way.  I did not make a cord to attach my mittens, though I probably should.  Heh.

And look what I caught a picture of while I was photographing the mittens!  Total luck.  🙂

Knitting ADD

Man.  Do I have it bad.  I should be working on super talented BIL’s Weasley Sweater, but I lost the book.   Can’t find it anywhere.  😦  I have no idea where I left it.  So if you’re local and I left the Charmed Knits book at your house, could you let me know?  🙂

Anyway.  So as well as the little hat from the last post, I have also finished a scarf and mittens for the girl.  I know, nothing says 90 degree weather like working on winter accessories.  My husband thought this was funny that I’m working on winter stuff for the kids.  I tried to explain that summer is for knitting little things (big things are hot on your lap), but really I think it’s just another way for me to hide my Knitting ADD.  I’m working on a hat to match the mittens for the girl, but I keep finding myself wandering over to Ravelry looking for other short committment patterns.

What I’d really love to have are some cute sweater vesty things that are all the rage right now.  I can’t make myself buy them because I know I can knit them.  Which means they’ll be way out of style by the time I get them done.  Heh.

Anyway.  Here’s the girl with her new mittens and scarf.  And yes.   I did knit i-cord to attach the mittens together and thread through her jacket.  Very vintage of me, I know.  But sometimes the old way is a good way.

I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 36 stitch mitten pattern from Knitting Without Tears and a stitch I don’t know the name of for the scarf.  (You knit on one side and K1, P1 on the other.)  It creates a fluffy texture to the scarf that looks nice on both sides.  The yarn is Encore Worsted that I may or may not have purchased in Canon City.

Hydrocodone hat

I think I’m going to start naming my knitting projects after what pain med I’m on, since that’s the only time I get to knit these days.  After surgery, on narcotics.  Heh.  Anyway, I found a hat I’d started with a skein of Rowan cotton.  I don’t remember starting it (probably was last year when I was on Oxycodone.  heh.)  And I didn’t even know what size it was going to end up.  I randomly added cables, twists and eyelets.  And as it turns out.  It fits a really cute 3 year old.  🙂
 I should probably call it the popsicle hat.  A little more appropriate for a kid’s hat.  Heh.  🙂