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I don’t really have much to say about 2008 that I didn’t already cover in the Christmas letter.

Frankly, I’m just ready to be done with it.

Here’s to 2009!  It can’t help but be better than 2008.


What I did today

I decided to ignore the gaping hole in the fence and work on this.

Lambs Pride Bulky, baby.  Lot's o Lambs Pride Bulky.

Lambs Pride Bulky, baby. Lot's o Lambs Pride Bulky.

Versatility from the Fall Knitty

It’s for my friend Pam who is one of my fun to knit for music teacher (though she just started a new job!) friends.  She picked it out and I’m pretty sure it’s going to look amazing on her.  🙂

Apparently I’m just not supposed to have a back fence.

Stupid high winds.


Witchy Woman

I sometimes worry that having cancer has changed me, for the worse.

When I was teaching, I had a student, let’s call him Tom.  We’re not supposed to have favorites, but Tom always had a little bit of my heart.  He was not the best kid in the class, in fact, he pretty much was Bart Simpson personified.  No filter in his brain, saying what he was thinking with no thought to the consequences.  In the 3 or 4 years I had him, we always worked on his filter (he was somewhat of a musical genius so we didn’t have to spend time on that.  Heh.) To give you an idea, he once told me my rear end looked like a hippo.  He wasn’t being mean, just observant.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t say it for a laugh either since there were no other students in ear shot.  Luckily, I was not offended by my hippo rear.  Part of me hopes he kept some of his frankness.  It sure made him interesting.

So I’m afraid I’m losing my filter.  I say things while at the same time in my head I’m yelling at myself, “Don’t say that out loud!  You don’t really meant that!  Stop!”  I don’t want to be a witchy woman.  I wonder if it’s the stress.  Or medication side effects.  Or just pain tolerance.

I don’t want to be witchy.  Just interesting.

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!


I love love love this album.  The whole thing.  🙂 

Honey Lemon Roll Out Cookies

This is the best roll out cookie recipe ever.  Super easy to make and the dough is so easy to work with.  The sprinkles didn’t stick very well, so I’m frosting the next batch.  Such a shame to have to use frosting…not.  🙂

The only change I made to the recipe is I used a 325 degree oven instead of 300.  🙂

Honey-lemon Christmas roll out cookies


5 ½ cup flour        3 teaspoons soda

1 ¾ cup sugar        ¼ teaspoon salt

¼ cup honey        2 teaspoons vanilla

3 teaspoons grated lemon or orange peel

½ lb butter melted

½ cup boiling water


Combine flour and soda – set aside.  In a large mixing bowl combine sugar, salt, honey, vanilla and lemon peel; add butter and water and beat until sugar dissolves.  Gradually stir in flour mixture to form a stiff dough.  Use immediately or cover and chill up to 2 days, or freeze.  Bring dough to room temperature before using, if frozen; leave dough wrapped as it thaws.


Grease cookie sheet – 300 degree oven – bake until golden at edges

The recipe is from my mama.  Thanks mama!  🙂