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Sawyer Sawyer Locke

I found this while I was cleaning this weekend.  Drawn by the girl.

so now I wonder – if underneath all the junk in her room is a hatch.  Maybe I should start checking her math homework for the number sequence.  Hmmm.

And yes.  I do have the Sawyer Song stuck in my head.  Again.


My 2 cents on Susan Boyle

Unless you are locked in a cave somewhere with no internet access or television, then you’ve watched this wonderful performance by Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.

I love her performance.  That song is freaky hard and even well trained singers struggle with it.  What annoys me is the idea that the judges and the audience were so surprised she could sing.  As if physical beauty has anything to do with musical ability.  The idea that only people who look like fashion models should sing is a very new one.  I blame MTV.  I think video really did kill the radio star.  Think about it.  Think of all the music we would have missed out on today if they had been judged solely by their ability to sell clothing, perfume etc.  All those Average Joe looking people with amazing talent.  Billy Joel for one.  Carol King.  Elton John.  So so many others.  Journey.  (Yes I’m showing my white suburban 70s and 80s upbringing).  It makes me wonder who we’re missing out on now.  Like Susan Boyle. 

And that’s my 2 cents.

Argh! Sock Struggle

Well the sock is now a ball of yarn. Again! I’m still doing something wrong in the short row hell er heel and I’m about ready to just try it the regular short row way with wraps (because THAT’S been so successful in the past; see entries on Stripey Doodlepants). So I’m going to take a sock break and regroup by doing a no brainer (hopefully) log cabin blanket for my niece to be. I really should be cutting the steek on my sweater but I haven’t found a time away from children to use the sewing machine. It’s ridiculous that I’m considering getting a babysitter just to use a sewing machine when I never even get one for an evening out with DH, isn’t it? Ah the yarn obsession takes hold. Anyway, I digress. I think I’m also going to wait for my ball winder to get here so I can ball my new sock yarn to try the sock again. My old yarn has been frogged so many times it’s starting to unravel and it was pointed out to me that the reason my cotton yarns might be so twisty and knotted is because of the way I hand roll a ball. So I used my birthday gift Joann card to order one online. I went to the so called Joann Superstore this morning and they looked at me like I was crazy asking about a ball winder for yarn. They make those? Really. Grr. I really should just quit going there.

So we’re on day two of Turn Off the Television Week. So far this has resulted in my rediscovery of my CD collection, L wanting to play on the computer and to take more naps, and J still refusing to take his; though my newfound CD’s are doing a nice job of masking his discontent. I didn’t even know I had the Brandenburg Concertos! Heh.

I don’t have any relevant pictures for this entry so I threw a dramatic picture of L at the park yesterday. That’s how I felt when unraveling the sock.