I actually had this conversation with our 4 year old.

“Mom, I want some more potatoes please.”

“I need you to eat two bites of turkey and then you can have some more.”

“Mah-uhm!  I’m 4 years old so I need 4 bites!”

“Ok.” (Who am I to complain with her logic?)

Five minutes later all her turkey was gone and most of her green beans.

And she refused to eat the potatoes.

Ah, 4.

Earlier I caught her hiding under the table with a bag of marshmallows.  Man she knew she was in trouble too, caught literally stuffing her face with both hands.

“Ahm sowwy Mom fow eafing all the white mushy fings.”  She said, her mouth unbelievably full of marshmallows.

Gotta love that girl.