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L sports a new haircut

The other day as I was strapping her in her carseat, L looks at me very seriously and asks, “Mama, I really need a boy to dance with.  Can you get me a boy to dance with?”  Not really knowing how to respond I said, “Um.  Sure.”  That seemed to settle the question for now.  Heh.


I gave away my Docs today.

While going through my closet, looking for things to give away, I managed to fill an entire trash bag with shoes.  Shoes I’ve worn at weddings, several pairs of tennis shoes, and finally, my trusty Doc Martens.  Granted, I haven’t worn them since my bachelorette night over five years ago, but just knowing that I could somehow made me feel younger.  Alas, two babies later, they’re just too small.  *sigh*

Cure for Drought

J is a champion drooler.  He even learned how to raspberry today.  I figure I just need to set him on the front lawn and that would clear the dry spots right up.