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Hooray Crocheted Market Bag!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Getting used to L’s new preschool schedule, enjoying time with an extra toddler, and trying to get all those baby sweaters done. Heh. So I did what I’ve always done when I’ve got a deadline. Work on something else. So instead of finishing the blue baby sweater for the party on Monday, I crocheted my first bag. The Market Bag from Knit.1 green edition. Lots of times I think the stuff in Knit.1 is kinda weird, but i really liked this issue. Lots of cool bags! So anyway, hooray Crocheted Market Bag!

And Hooray Popsicles!

Everyone should have a Popsicle now and then.

Mmmm. Popsicles!

Ravelry. So I caved.

Once again, I am a joiner.

You are #28,093 on the list.

17,908 people are ahead of you in line.

There is 1 person behind you in line.

I don’t think I’ve been so far back in line since waiting for Pearl Jam tickets back in college that actually sold out before the TicketMaster at the UMC opened. (Yes I was a grunge girl. Some days I miss my flannels.)

It’s been busy. Saturday was L’s back to school open house at the preschool. Did I mention they have ponies? How cool is that?

I’ve also been working on a couple of little sweaters. I had to put the purple ScoubiDu one down, since the recipient of the blue one’s birthday is in a couple of weeks. Instead of using Debbie Bliss cotton, I substituted Plymouth Encore and am happy with the results so far.

This post contains actual knitting content.

So in between running around to kid attractions, I have actually been knitting. And acquiring things to knit with.

First, the needles. The antique orange ones with the lovely stitch markers were a yarn crawl favor from La whose visit inspired The Great South Denver blogger yarn crawl of Aught Seven which I was too sick to go because I caught something on the plane on the way back from Georgia where I purchased the hand turned needles at a place called Two Stix in Decatur. Whew. Long sentence. I’m also excited to have received my KnitPicks DPN’s. No more teeny bamboo to snap mid-sock!
Next, there is the yarn that I happened upon today at The Recycled Lamb. Well. OK. I was actually driving around trying to get J to fall asleep and I just happened to drive by and saw they had yarn out front. Yes. I know. They always have yarn out front. I’m trying to justify here, OK? Anyway, they had some Hempathy on sale and I’ve been dying to try some out so I bought all that they had in this pretty blue. While I was paying, I had to look in the orphan bin, right? And there were 4 skeins of Noro just calling to me. I’d be crazy to pass up bargain cashmere Noro, wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t I?
Lastly, I’ve been working on a cabled baby sweater for my friend in Albuquerque in my favorite purple Scoubidu. 🙂 It’s going much better than the last baby sweater I made out of this yarn (See Not Bamboo Baby Frankensweater).

Airquotes, McDonalds and other L-isms

So I have to write this one down before I forget. The back story is, my kids are not good sleepers. They just don’t like to sleep. So even though it is getting better, bedtime is a struggle. The other night, L was experimenting with air quotes (or bunny rabbits as she calls them). I’m pretty sure she has no idea what they are, but imagine how hard it was not to laugh when she said, “Mama, it is now time for J and I to start “sleeping” in bed.” DH and I nearly fell off the couch since it’s so true.

Caught this on the news the other night and in an article today.

McDonald’s Story

Children actually believe that stuff wrapped in McDonald’s wrapping taste better. I think I’m going to start saving the wrappers and introduce the kids to our new friends McBrussel Sprouts, and McBroccoli. Actually did serve brussel sprouts last night for kicks (I hated them as a kid!), and both kids ate them, especially J. L ate them but had to take them apart leaf by leaf first. Funny children.

And speaking of funny children, DH asked L this morning if she had big plans for today and she replied, “Nope. I have little kid plans.”

My name is Nicole and it’s been a little over a week since my last yarn acquisition.

Bad blogger. BAAAAD blogger. I’ve been meaning to write so much lately and it never seems to get out of the out of my head stage. So here’s the quick version.

School starts in a couple weeks and my teacher friends have to report back on Monday so I’ve been doing a crap ton of kid activities. You name it I’ve probably been there in the last 3 weeks or so. Children’s Museum. Check. Soda Beach at Bear Lake. Check. Twice. Georgetown playground. Check. Zoo. Check. Rocks in Boulder Check. Tiny Town. Check. Nonalds (that’s how J pronounces the Golden Arches) Check ad nauseum. Kittredge Park. Check. Cherry Creek Mall Food. Check. African Drumming concert. Check. Mr. Sunshine concert. Check. So many things I can’t even remember and I don’t have pictures for them. Check.
This last weekend I flew to Atlanta to hang with my college girls and see the newest tiny CU alum. SOOOO cute! Made Dream Swatch head wraps for all of them but found out I can only make 3 in a weekend full of eating, drinking and merry making, so I finished the 4th one last night and will get it out in the mail on Monday. The Dream Swatch model is my friend Lindsey who is one of the best people to knit for on the planet. She truly makes me feel like everything I make is really cool. She even stole my Booga Bag! Truthfully it was too small for a diaper toting purse carrier like me, so I’m glad it’s getting appreciative use. 🙂

Lastly, I visited Stitch Therapy over at Posh on Thursday and had a blast. Sadly no pictures, but they were a very fun group and of course the constant going around the circle reciting our names reminded us of other obsessive behavior groups. Knitting? Obsessive? Get out. 🙂