Take a close look at the picture. Notice anything? Apparently I either need to drink every time I cable. Or not drink when I cable. When I put on my gloves today I realized that the cables looked tighter on the right hand. After further inspection, it is apparent that they are not tighter, but shorter! The left hand glove has one more round in each cable than the right hand. Grr. Not a huge deal, just means one glove is 3 round longer than the other. It makes it so I can tell them apart at least.

I finished the drawstring for the stripey doodlepants. J wore them yesterday without and after some good crawling, he started crawling out of them so I’m glad I finished it. I have just enough yarn for a matching hat, so I’m kind of knitting on faith and hoping I don’t run out. Heh. He does seem to like them though. Usually getting him dressed is sort of an olympic sport and yesterday he would hold his legs out to put his pants on. It’s probably because he was cold, but a mother can dream, right?