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Fruit cubes

Look!  M-ice cubes!  I'm so funny.

Look! M-ice cubes! I'm so funny.

Every good diet girl knows that one of the keys to Weight Watchers is water.  Water.  Water.  I am not a good water drinker.  I was an excellent Diet Coke drinker.  But water?  Not so good.  So since I have given up soda in the home (I’m still allowed when we’re eating out.  Heh.)  I have been attempting to reacquaint myself with the faucet.  To help with this endeavor, I’ve starting freezing fruit juice in silicone ice trays (MUCH easier to get the cubes out) and dropping a couple of those in my water bottle.  Lots of water, fruity taste, minimal calories.  Even a lazy cook can do it.  🙂

Mmmm.  Juicy water.

Mmmm. Juicy water.


Harry Potter Fweater

I finished the boy’s sweater (or fweater if you speak J) and found that, once again, my children have giant heads.  I even tried to allow for that when I was doing the neck, adding stitches and binding off with a needle two sizes up.  It STILL wouldn’t go over his head.  So I tried adding MORE stitches and ended up adding too many.   So it needs tweaking.  After I get him to take it off.  (Did I mention it’s been 90 degrees F this week?)

My fweater!  Wif a J!

My fweater! Wif a J!

It was also my first time with intarsia.  Which I did incorrectly.  So I already have some ideas for adaptations for the next one.   I would also definitely make a size larger than what you think you need.  The arms are quite long and came up sort of narrow.  This might be a gauge thing since I neglected to swatch.  I know.  Next time I will.  I promise.  (Heh.)
Oh yeah.  I made it out of Berroco Comfort that I had in my stash.


It’s a funny thing how things can change over time. 

When I was first diagnosed, I blogged about my visit to the plastic surgeon.  Weirdly, I was scheduled to see him 2 days after finding out I had cancer.  Looking back now, I realize I was in shock.  I still HAD Lefty and couldn’t even wrap my mind around the idea that it would be gone in a matter of weeks.  Reconstruction was the least of my worries.  I wanted to live, and part of my body was trying to kill me.  I just wanted it gone.  I wrote about how I didn’t care if I was ever reconstructed. 

Now here I am, a year later, not dead.  With lymphedema.  And a cute haircut.  And much disdain for my prosthesis.  Flefty likes to wander up into my armpit.  Which is very attractive.  Most people ask if they have anything in their teeth before going on stage.  I have to ask if the girls are straight.  (Sorry about all the euphemisms, but I’m trying to avoid pRon spam.)  Flefty is hot in a non-sexy way.  And no longer matches Righty.

I’ve also had a lot of time to ponder whether to get Righty removed.  It would help lower my cancer recurrance rate (which is about 60 to 70 percent right now.)  It would probably help my stress level since the need for extensive mammograms would be eliminated.  One less scan, right?  It’s also my best chance for both sides to match, recon or not.

So…I decided to go back to see the plastic surgeon and see what my options were.  I had LOTS of radiation which can make reconstruction difficult.  I flat out asked him which sort of recon would be the most successful.  He said, that in his opinion, making a sort of skin/muscle bra from part of my left back and inserting implants on both sides was my best option.  It’s a 3 to 4 hour surgery with a 4 – 6 week recovery.  I’d have expanders for a while and then exchange them for implants when they’re ready.  I will lose some power on my left side, but I’m not a champion skier or a tennis player, and he assured me it wouldn’t affect my piano skills so I’m think I’m OK with this.

The other perspective change I have is about my plastic surgeon.  He was really nice this visit.  Funny and supportive.  Not like I remember him at all, which makes me wonder if my being in shock had something to do with my impression.  I would like to think that I’m a person who fesses up when they were wrong.   So here I am.  Fessing.

So….sometime in July I will be having surgery.  Again.  But this time it will be because I want it.

Mother’s Day

I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderfully sweet,  quirky children.

J made a picture for me.  It’s his first.  Grass, with a flower and a sun.



mothersday joe 2009

L made a little book at school.  Very sweet and very true.  The girl knows her Mama.

I especially get a kick out of all the mention of the Wii.  🙂  And that she thinks I’m 25.  Heh.

My babies rule.

Who Does She Think She Is?

I read over at Shivaya Naturals that this movie is to be screened here in Denver.

I want to see it.

I tried. I really did.

Since the start of the year, I faithfully worked on it.  Tried very hard not to start anything new (except the pair of peekaboo mittens for a friend.) 

Then it was my sister’s birthday.  And I asked her what she wanted and she asked me to work on this.  (It’s actually her project, I’m just the knitter.  Heh.  And before you think I’m too crazy, I did refuse to weave in the ends.)

Size 6 needles.  *sigh*

Size 6 needles. *sigh*


And then the boy asked, “Mommy, you make ME a fweater?”  (His sister has two.)  How can I say no to a kid who I’m quite sure will actually sleep in it when it’s done.  So I’m also doing this.

Except with a J.  Wike in my name?  he said.

Except with a J. Wike in my name? he said.

Oh well.  🙂

Google Memes

There are two google memes running around the internet these days and I have to admit the results are pretty funny.  In each of them you type either *your name* needs or Unfortunately, *your name* and post the first 5 entries.

SO.  That said.

1.  Nicole needs bigger boobs.  (Seriously.  It really says that.)

2.  Nicole needs to live in the NOW.  (I have no idea why that is capitalized.)

3.  Nicole Scherziner (Pussycat Doll) needs at good meal.

4.  Nicole needs to lay off the Botox.

and lastly

5.  Nicole needs a new computer!   (Heh.)

And the second one…

1.  Unfortunately, Nicole never considered the fact that she could get pregnant while doing alcohol and drugs while having unprotected sex.  (Hee.)

2.  Thin is beautiful, and unfortunately, Nicole has gone over the edge.

3.  Unfortunately, Nicole was having a wardrobe malfunction.

4.  Unfortunately Nicole Kidman is a typical white Australian and has no idea about Aborginal culture.

5.  Unfortunately, Nicole seems to have an incredible memory, or maybe because she’s just hungry for gossip.

So there you have it.  A post mostly about Nicole Richie.  But humorous just the same.  A boob job.  Seriously.  How did they know?


I like to play with my Wii

The title actually comes from a quote from one of those class books the kindergartner brings home.  One of them was a worksheet that had them fill in the blank, “One thing that is special about me is…”  Many a 6 year old boy wrote, “I like to play with my Wii.”  Which is hysterically funny when you have to keep reading that aloud.

Flash forward to today.

In a bout of weakness (and the fact it was 20 bucks plus an extra 15 % off at Kohls), I bought the Chicken Little game.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Chicken Little, but it’s pretty much one of my favorite kid movies ever.  Zach Braff rules.  So anyway, in the game you collect acorns as you blow things up.  (You just have to see it.)  So my little boy is now in the living room hollering, “My nut!  My nut!”

I think we have now established that I am 12.