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Stole this from Leann.


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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Knit Knack Night

Had a wonderful time at Knit Knacks (she’s have a sale soon, you know). Cathy had an extra special night with some purty yarn by Mary-Kay.

Got home and found this sight in the hallway. Must have been a rough night. And yes, that is HP 7 on the floor in front of my DH. 🙂

Things you thought you’d never say…

Said to L this evening, “Well, can you go get a purse for your brother to play with then?”
Also love this:
I was/am a huge Pearl Jam fan, but man, the boy needs some serious enunciation work.

So I dorkified my car….

with this. Heh. I love it! Got it at Knit Knack. You should get one too! Join the knitting dorks! It’s almost as good as bowling shirts.

Where did this week go? With the blistering heat, I spent a couple days up in the mountains, just looking for anywhere 10 degrees cooler. Tuesday we went up to Bear Creek Lake in Evergreen and had a nice picnic.

Yesterday we went up to Kittredge, but sadly I have no pictures. L played in the creek with her friends but J refused to do anything except sit whinily in Mama’s lap. Ah well. Maybe next time.
In between car trips, I’ve been working on my Tomato. I’m excited for how it’s turning out. Leann convinced me to leave the stripe where it is as written, but I think I might try a seed stitch border instead of ribbing. We’ll see.

The Purple Black Hole Couch Part II

First you must read The Purple Black Hole Couch Part I which is back on my Yahoo 360 page. I have been looking for my helmet liner to give to Ruth for the contest for about a week now. Tonight, L found it in the couch. Figures.

Ah the simple joys of motherhood…

After a nocturnal visit by L at 3 am Wednesday morning to proclaim those little 3 words, “I have barf” and watching pretty much every Disney film we own (Thank you NetFlix for bringing us “the Backyardigan’s” so we had some variety!) I’ve actually gotten a decent amount of knitting done on my Tomato. I’m on the last row of raglan increases so we’ll see how I do on the next part.

*scary music interlude*

So here’s my great parenting story of the week. J is going through a screaming phase. Not just a tantrum stage, a screaming at the top of his lungs so loud that when asked what was going on by DH I replied, “Why I’m sticking him with hot pokers. What did you think I was doing?” Anyway, DH had to work late Wednesday evening so I had to put the kids to bed before he got home. Never an easy task. L actually went to sleep pretty easily but I figure it was the lack of food and the virus that helped knock her out. J, on the other hand, screamed. And screamed. After about 20 minutes, I checked on him to make sure he hadn’t hurt himself and he immediately stopped, gave me the big J smile, and said, “Mommy. Uppease?” So I did the mommy thing, put him back down and said, “It’s time for bed now. I love you.”. And so the screaming ensued. After about another 20 minutes, my doorbell rings. And it’s my neighbor. Not my next door neighbor. The one 2 houses down ACROSS the street. She had come to make sure everything was ok (which I actually appreciated. I think we live in such a nuclear society that it’s nice to know if something sounded wrong from my house that someone would come check it out.) I explained the whole tantrum thing and as mom herself she understood completely. But talk about awkward.

So when I put him down for his nap today, I closed the window.


If you want a good cry today…

go read Crazy Aunt Purl. I’m probably the farthest thing from a cat person there is but it is such a moving story, it transcends my cat feelings and you really get a sense for how special pets can be.

Hee Hee Hee!

You Are Wonder Woman

A true goddess, you have the strength and skills to rule the world.
You’re one sexy amazon… all of the superhero guys are fighting over you!

Hooray Booga Bag!

All done! I had hard time poking the holes with the 10 1/2 needles so I sized up to the 13’s and that seemed to do the trick. I thought about felting it a tiny bit more, but I was afraid then it would be too small to even hold my wallet. Heh.

Look Ma! I’m swatching!

For the third time. Sometimes I tend to dive in to things without thinking it through. For some reason I thought using a larger needle would give me more stitches per inch. Duh. So what am I swatching you ask? Well I joined the Tomato bandwagon. Though mine is more pale frosty blueberry than tomato. I’m using 1824 Mission Falls Cotton that I got over at Posh. I wasn’t sure about the nubby texture at first but I’m very excited now that I’ve swatched it. I’m a little nervous because I think a girl of my figure probably needs to do the darts that I’ve been reading about on Knitting Daily and I’m a little apprehensive of changing a pattern I’ve never done before. Too many new techniques in one project you know? (See Gigantasock Disaster of 2006).
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. DH and I took the kids over to Stenger to watch the fireworks and they loved them!