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Absent Part 1

I have been woefully absent from my blog.  

(And I am woefully absent-minded this morning, as I poured myself a second cup of coffee.  In a new cup.  Which is now sitting next to my partially full first cup of coffee.  Heh.) 

So here’s what I’ve been doing. 

1)  I finished the semester Friday.  8th grade had their continuation, it was a sweet ceremony full of cute baby pictures and awards.  (I have asked to be reminded how hot it is in our gym any time I get a hare brained idea to have a program up there.) Next year we’ll print the program on fans, I think.   And both the students and I are happy that I will be returning in the fall.  Whew!  🙂 

2) I drove down to Canon City for the wedding of one of our Planinas.  Which means there was lots of music. 


And more music. 

I would love to know what they're singing about. It was in Lithuanian.

And cake.  Made by Planinas. 


And more cake. 


Congrats to Damon and Laima!  It was a beautifully fun wedding and I wish you guys all the best!  And can I just say that Canon City is gorgeous!?  I am embarrassed to say I snobbishly only associated it with prisons, but it is just beautiful down there.  Small town but large enough to have stuff to do.  And they had a yarn store!  Where I may or may not have purchased some yarn.  And needles.  

(I actually already wrote this post once and wordpress ate it.  Who knows where it is now, so this version might be a bit shorter.  Heh.)


My most super awesome week ever!

Ok.  Not really.  It’s been some sort of week anyway.

This weekend I was spiking fevers of 102 and 103 at night, which can be pretty scary.  It could have been a few different things but the Ockham’s razor says that it was most likely an infection to the surgical site which can lead to all sorts of problems.  SO, I had to stop taking my pain meds and not eat or drink on the off chance that the doctor had to admit me when he saw me bright and early Monday morning.  That was pretty brutal.  Luckily, all my incisions look great, so then they sent me off to the regular doctor to see if we could find some other reason.  We’re still not sure.  Could be as simple as a sinus infection or a UTI (woo).  I’m on a pretty strong antibiotic that knocks out pretty much all of the above.

On the up side, I’m down to two drains, which feels like a vacation compared to 6.  I’m pretty sure the last ones will come out Friday.  I’m working on my arm range of motion.  It’s slow but it’s coming.

This brings us to Monday.  Not a bad day all in all.  Kids went to bed.  I went to bed and watched the pretty lightning show off in the distance.  Or so I thought.  Suddenly a chilly breeze came through the window and I realized it was raining.  Really raining.  The kind I called Florida rain as a kid, when you can’t see anything except the rain.  Then the hail started and it suddenly occurred to me to start closing windows.  I turned the light on in the backyard and was just amazed at the amount of hail bouncing around outside.  It sounded like rocks pummeling the roof.  (And yes.  Both kids slept through the whole thing.)  It was the first time I’ve ever watched a hailstorm and felt like I needed to back away from the window for safety.  Then we lost power.  And there was really nothing to do but go to bed.

To Be Continued

I’m too silly for my hat, too silly for my hat…

My sister works at BeauJos (shameless plug) and Monday nights are Kid Nights!  Kids eat free off the kids menu AND there is an awesome  balloon guy.  Really.  Awesome.  My children adore him.  And thus.

The silly hat.  That was necessary to wear while brushing our teeth.

(Shameless plug continued, it’s the BeauJos at Yale and Colorado in Denver.)

Let it snow, let it…

Ok.  I know we needed the snow.  But seriously.  All at once?  It was almost 80 degrees on my birthday and here we are a week later…

Here's some snow.

Here's some snow.


More snow.

More snow.

Kid in snow.

Kid in snow.

Other kid in snow.

Other kid in snow.

Cold yet?
Getting ready to cook the cheese tortellinis to add to the soup.

Getting ready to cook the cheese tortellinis to add to the soup.

Make some yummy Italian Soup, courtesy of Sarah over at Sprucehill.  Can’t get enough of that one.  I subbed Chicken/Apple sausage for the Italian Sausage and increased the amount of veggies.  Still good.  Hey Sarah, if you’re reading.  Need some more recipes.  🙂  I’m getting ready to try the shrimp bisque next.  Yum.

We have no snow shovels today!

Ugh. There are no snowshovels in the state of Colorado. I swear. The one we currently have has no handle on the end. This seems to work well for John or he would have said something I’m sure. But for me…well, it means that every time I picked up a load of snow, the shovel would slip and dump snow right where I picked it up from. Little progress was made. So I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort since it was going to melt off today, right? Heh. Except there’s YET ANOTHER STORM coming in this afternoon. You can see it off to the west. Ugh. The kids are SO tired of being cooped up. A trip to Walmart was the highlight of the day so far. Yippee. Where they HAD NO SNOW SHOVELS! Ugh.