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Freddy Krueger’s wool soaker

So I finally finished J’s second wool soaker.  I used a different pattern so I didn’t need the draw string (hopefully).  I was about half way through it when I realized that the colors I’d chosen to stripe were awfully close to Freddy Krueger’s (spelling might be off.  I watched Nightmare on Elm Street part 6 when I ws 12 years old and that was the last time I saw the guy.  Didn’t sleep well for years after that.)  That aside, I think it turned out pretty cute.


Nature Boy in his first wool soaker

I knit my first wool soaker last night.  It took forever.  Especially since I had to re knit the leg cuffs twice.  I got the whole thing done last night and the leg cuffs were too small.   It was my own fault, since being the over acheiver I am, I decided to add them to a pattern that didn’t have them.  And I’d never done them before.  It’s cute, but I can tell my siblings think I’m nuts putting my child in anything but disposable diapers.  Of course he promptly peed in it.  Guess I need to figure out how to lanolize.

Mortally afraid of cats

So my son is mortally afraid of cats.  This is a new experience for me, since my daughter is not afraid, but instead inspires fear in my friend’s cats and usually comes home with many scratches from “loving” them.  Anyway, back to J.  He’s only experienced cats a few times but has burst out crying the air raid siren cry that both of my children seem to be able to do each time one has even looked at him.  I have to mention that said cats have never even been close enough to him to touch.  Which brings us to the picture.  Remember the jack in the box which is L’s new pride and joy?  Scares the heck out of J.  And as weird as it sounds, it’s not the popping out that scares him.  It’s the cat.  He laughs at the music and when it first pops out, then cries when he sees the cat.  I guess it’s good thing we’re all allergic or the poor boy would be traumatized for life.

Diaper sewing fool

I tried the Ottobre free diaper design.  Apparently babies in Finland are giant babies.   The green diaper on the left is supposed to fit a 6 – 18 month child.  I think it’s too big for L.  The one on the right is a newborn.  Heh.  I adapted it a little bit by putting fleece on the inside instead of flannel.  I did a different one with fleece on the inside and was very surprised how well it stayed dry.  The diaper was completely soaked so it weighed a ton but the inside felt very dry.   So the poor boy may not be able to walk because the diaper’s falling around his ankles, but his bottom will stay dry!  Heh.  Now to find the perfect cover…

Happy Valley Children’s Ranch

I took my 3 year old to tour Happy Valley today.  She had a ball and is super excited to start preschool in the fall.  She was making some large arm movements when we first arrived so the director asked her if she was a dancer.  She said, no, my kitty is trying to get away.  Apparently we’ve adopted an imaginary kitty.  He’s shown up on a couple occasions, usually when she doesn’t want to do something.  No Mommy, I can’t do the buckles on my car seat, I’m holding my kitty.  (I thought all kids liked to do the buckles on their carseat.  Not mine.  Sheesh.)  No Mommy, I can’t pick up my clothes because I need to hold my kitty.  That said, kitty was quickly forgotten with to promise to see the classrooms and the barn yard animals.  Shetland ponies, various chickens, some bunnies, a pig named Prince Charming, and two sheep.  There were a couple of classes in session who all welcomed her with open arms, quickly showing her all the things that they get to do, like painting and making a fish out of soap, which she did.  It’s a very stinky fish.

Afterwards, we went up to Boulder, where we checked out a consignment store that I get emails from.  It was huge and a little pricey, but very nice.  It’s also the only place to get second hand diapers without the hassle of the internet and shipping.  I found some gently used diaper covers and a Kissaluv to try.  Mostly I wanted it so I could trace it for a pattern.  Heh.  J got a couple outfits.  Darned if the boy hasn’t grown out of all his summer hand me downs.  L did a very nice job so I told her she could pick something out.  She did a good job picking something too.  She chose a purple jack in the box (she’s been wanting one for ages)with, you guessed it, a cat jumping out to the tune of “Alley Cat”.  It took me a while to place the song when I finally remembered my Uncle George playing Alley Cat on his piano.

Right now its eerily quiet around here since Lizzie is playing next door and my nephew and J are getting along.  Actually they do most of the time.  Cute nephew is 1 1/2 and uses a mixture of sign language and words to communicate.  It’s pretty cute.  When he wants something he says “More”, but signs “Please”.

Internet Research Geek

I am such a geek.  I can’t help it.  Whenever I start a new project, whether it be child birth, car shopping, or knitting, I research ad nauseum.  I actually spent many hours today looking at cloth diaper patterns and the million of different sort of fleece you can buy to make diaper covers.  I even ordered 100 percent wool yarn to knit a wool soaker, combining my latest hobbies together.  Geek geek geek.

Satisfying the Inner Hippie

So I’ve always been slightly curious about cloth diapers.  My friends and sister think I’m nuts.  But anyway, I’m too cheap to spend the money just to find out I didn’t like them, so I made my own fitted pocket diaper.  My husband is very proud of me finally using my sewing machine, seeing as I’ve not used one since 7th grade home ec.  So I bought some flannel on the remant rack at Wal Mart (no flames please!  Some of us just have to go there some times!)  Basketball print even, since my need for low price superseded my need not to gender stereotype.  Anyway, I looked online until I found a pattern for Home Ec rejects, got it all sewed together and realized I had made it too small.  So I found my trusty seam ripper, took it apart and added tabs.  Bleah.  So after about 4 hours work (not in a row, had to be a parent in between), I had myself a relatively cute basketball diaper.  Tried it on the boy and he promptly pooped in it.  I’m not sure if that’s a rejection or an approval.  But anyway, my inner hippie is somewhat satisfied for the moment.  Now I just have to make more than one.  Ugh.