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Holiday Wii Fit Challenge

So yesterday J wanted me to play a  game of Raving Rabbids with him on the Wii.  I am embarrassed to say I was short of breath by the time we were done (He likes to do the “running” ones.)  So this morning, I dusted off the Wii Fit and did 30 minutes of exercise this morning.  (31 actually 🙂 )  Now I know the exercise recommendation for someone my size is an hour a day, but we all have to start somewhere.

Anyway, I got to thinking.  I bet there are other people out there who are as out of shape as me and own a Wii Fit.  I figure if we can all do at least 30 minutes a day on the Fit, then we can at least keep the pounds from inching up during the holidays.  At this point, I’m not looking for weight loss (though that’s always nice), I’m just trying to start a routine and thought that maybe some of you would want to do it with me.  You can post your times on your blogs, your facebooks, your twitters, just do something to keep yourself honest.

So here it is:  Monday Nov 29th 31 minutes



Inside out Twinkies


Why yes! Those ARE Easter cupcake wrappers.

It all started because there are a million (OK.  3.  And they’re really 7, but close enough.) 6 year olds in our neighborhood and no 3 year olds.  Sometimes I try to give the girl a break from her brother, but as you can imagine, the boy is not too keen on this plan.  So I coax with a little off the top of my head ideas like, “Want to help Mommy make cupcakes?”  Which works because he loves to cook and loves cupcakes.  Who doesn’t really?

So we make the cupcakes, using a standard dollar box of yellow cake mix.  Except Mommy is a health freak so she omits the oil, adds a 1/2 cup of applesauce, adds a 1/4 cup of flour (though some days it’s wheat germ…) and uses 1/2 cup of egg substitute instead of eggs (I also use egg whites sometimes.)  We bake our cupcakes and after they’re cooled, I go for the frosting that I’m sure is in the cabinet.  Which isn’t.  Luckily, there is a can of light whipped cream in the refrigerator.  Voila!  Inside out Twinkies.  Without all the chemicals.  Pretty sure these don’t have the same shelf life, but I think they taste much better.

Fruit cubes

Look!  M-ice cubes!  I'm so funny.

Look! M-ice cubes! I'm so funny.

Every good diet girl knows that one of the keys to Weight Watchers is water.  Water.  Water.  I am not a good water drinker.  I was an excellent Diet Coke drinker.  But water?  Not so good.  So since I have given up soda in the home (I’m still allowed when we’re eating out.  Heh.)  I have been attempting to reacquaint myself with the faucet.  To help with this endeavor, I’ve starting freezing fruit juice in silicone ice trays (MUCH easier to get the cubes out) and dropping a couple of those in my water bottle.  Lots of water, fruity taste, minimal calories.  Even a lazy cook can do it.  🙂

Mmmm.  Juicy water.

Mmmm. Juicy water.

If the tights fit…

So I decided to wear a dress to church today and since I haven’t worn a dress since around 2007, I had to go on a search for a pair of tights.  Happily, I found a nice pair of black ones with no runs in them and thought,”Score!”  I put them on and was surprised when they wouldn’t stay up.  I thought, Finally!  My Wii Fit workouts and point counting are finally paying off!  Until I thought about it for a moment more. 

And realized that they were maternity tights.



My sister brought her Wii Fit over today.  It’s said I was 45.  I’m not actually sad about that.  I figured it would say 50 something, so I’m 5 years younger than I thought I was.  AND I’m only ten years older than I should be.  I actually feel like that’s a reasonable goal.   Been doing the Weight Watchers thing 3 weeks now.  I’ve lost some.  Not much, but I’ve always been a slow loser. 

It’s funny how when you’re young and thin, you think that you’re fat.  And when you’re fat you think, how’d I get here?  And how can I get back to where I was when I thought I was fat? 

I pretty much know how I got here.  Friends with boys in college.  As long as I ate less than they did, it seemed all right.  Also, drinking with boys (and girls)  in college.  (See the eating thing.)  I think I got such a skew idea of what I should be eating that I couldn’t tell when I was full anymore.  Having kids didn’t help.   Lunch is at 11.  Even though none of my kids nap and don’t need to eat that early anymore, we tend to want to eat at 11.  And then we’re starving by 3.  Not conducive to good eating habits.

I am also contending with the effects of surgery and chemo.  I didn’t gain any weight while on chemo, which is good.  Unfortunately, what muscle I had has now been replaced with fat.  I’m also missing a good portion of muscle on my left side.  This was very apparent when I was making dinner tonight and couldn’t open the jar of garlic.  After a few tries, I gave up and used garlic powder.  That pissed me off a bit.  Can’t even open a stupid jar of garlic.

So anyway, I’m trying to be healthier, and even though people say you should just strive for that, I’m striving to lose weight too.  Losing 50 pounds cuts my cancer recurrence rate by 30 percent.  That’s a pretty huge incentive.