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"Wack!" says the duck.

When asked what a duck says, J grins mischieviously and says “Wack!” If you ask what a cow says, he replies “More!”

Just to proove I’ve actually been knitting, here’s some pics of WIPs.
Panel 2 of the Glowing Colors Afghan from Lion Brand. My MIL is knitting Panel 1 as we thought it would be a nice blanket for their new cabin.

1 and 1/2 Peekaboo Mittens from Magknits. I just had to rip it back some last night – very not fun with black yarn at night. Don’t know what I was thinking. So today I’m going to try and save it.

If you can handle the cuteness…

We had a photo session with StacyZ on Saturday and the pictures were phenominal!

I knew I brought the camera for a reason…

Love it when he plays peekaboo with his cookie at Target. (Yes that is chocolate on the bridge of his nose.) Heh. He is now officially known as Cookie Boy! Not to be confused with Chocolate Milk Boy, as he’s known at certain coffee shops.
Also I am unveiling the Popcorn Afghan (or as I fondly call it, The World’s Ugliest Afghan). It was made for the Lutheran Hospice. I know somebody will like it.

Hooray Little Teddy!

Finished the little Teddy! I think he needs a name. Any suggestions?

L’s a big frog!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! I’m sure I echo all Mommies Everywhere when I say, where has my baby gone? We’d been working all week on the concept of birthday and days of the week/month. The night before she sang, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, my birthday’s tomorrow, it’s only a day away!” Clever girl. She has my sister’s improv ability. Her party is tomorrow. Wish us luck. Lots of 5 year old girls (and a couple boys who hopefully won’t mind the princess bubble wands…) some cupcakes and ice cream. We’re pretty basic when it comes to birthday parties. Once I joked that our activity was going to be let’s so who can fill this bag with weeds from the back yard the fastest…..

Preschool Play

Preschool is a funny funny place. It almost makes me miss teaching.
I always volunteer on the day that L’s birthday is celebrated at school.
One of the centers activities was a little shopping market where the kids are supposed to pretend to buy vegetables. (I’m sure the meat and dairy council would have a fit. Grins) Anyway, I happened to be supervising over there and witnessed 4 or 5 little boys playing “rob the convenience store”. Heh. I did intervene and mentioned that maybe that wasn’t the BEST game they could play. The boy with all the money wadded in his hands thought it over and said, “Yeah. We should probably give the money back.”

As I said, I almost miss teaching. Grins.

Now that’s just disturbing…

I did come up tied for Kaylee tho. Grins.




Which Serenity character are you?
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You scored as The OperativeYou are dedicated to your job and very good at what you do. You’ve done some very bad things, but they had to be done. You don’t expect to go to heaven, but that is a sacrifice you’ve made for a better future for all.

Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee) Frye
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