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Breadmaker pizza dough

I just had to share. I think I’ve blogged before about making pizza with leftovers. There was a time where as long as I put it on a crust and called it pizza, the kids would eat it. We had sesame chicken pizza, taco pizza, and more that I’ve forgotten. Anyway, last night I decided to make a pizza again and was too lazy to go find my dough recipe. As I was googling, I came across this one.

Breadmaker pizza dough

It was amazing. And easy. When the dough came out of the breadmaker it was the perfect consistency. I did my best pizza tossing (which I’m grateful no one witnessed) and put some leftover barbecue sauce, bacon, and pineapple on it with Italian cheese blend. The crust was amazing.

My sister, the pizza expert, says to poke the crust with holes before you bake it. And I’m glad we did because the dough would have bubbled up and made a pizza volcano. Which could be fun. But hard to eat.


Time’s up!

Fun guesses everybody! And as you can see its all done…


It’s a baby cocoon!

For my friend Laima’s baby who’s coming any day now 🙂

I was going to make a sweater, but I saw this pattern and had to try it out. My boy would have loved this thing. In fact he asked me if I could yarn him one in his size. Heh. Like a sleeping bag? I asked. Except with lots and lots of yarn, he said.

Guess what I’m making!

The phone is for scale.