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Made my morning.  It’s nice to find a vice that might actually be good for me.  Heh.

Coffee May Offer Some Skin Cancer Protection

Feel Yourself Up Friday. Er. Wednesday.

Yeah, I know.  I missed it again.  Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get done.  Go on.  Do it.


After signing up J for preschool, I had a revelation that I had not spent nearly as much time on letters and numbers with him as I did with his sister.  (Poor second child.)  After working with him for a few minutes, it was determined that he really only knew the number 1 and the letter O.  So apparently he’s all set to write in binary.


(After some diligent work he can now recognize the letters in his name.  There is an O in it, after all.)


For my valentine

It may be a holiday created by Hallmark, but I think Valentine’s Day is a nice time to remember that

I married the best man.  The BEST man.  He is smart and thoughtful. 

When I was sick, he picked up the slack and helped make the most abnormal year of our lives, normal for our children.

He has the best laugh.  And he is patient (mostly) Grins.

He makes me feel beautiful.  And he takes me the way I am.

Love you.

(Edit: Apparently the song can’t be embedded, you can still click on it and it will open in a new window.)


So today I took the car in for its scheduled maintenance.  I didn’t want to sit in the dealership waiting room for 3  hours, so I headed over to a local restaurant for some breakfast and leisurely knitting.  (The kids were at the neighbors.  3 hours at the dealership with children is its own special kind of purgatory.)

After breakfast, I decided to take a walk.  38th Ave is hardly the prettiest walk but it’s where the dealership is.  At first, I just enjoyed the exercise.  Which is crazy.  I hate to exercise.  But for some reason it just felt good to be out.  So I walked.  And walked.  Then, I realized the temperature was dropping.  And that I was much further away than I thought.  A young man offered me a ride.  (It was more a “help the old lady” kind of ride, rather than a creepy stalkery one.  Though the cashier at the dealership scolded me when I told her the story.)  I told the guy “Thanks, but I’m good.”  And I realized I was.  I was walking.  Far. (From Wadsworth to almost Sheridan and back for the local readers.)  Last year at this time I could barely walk to the bathroom.  And suddenly I was giddy, my sunglasses fogged up from the exercise.  I’m sure the people driving down 38th wondered at the lady with the goofy smile and the knitting bag.  I was so happy not to be dead.  Last year I thought I was going to die.  And I didn’t.


The monster.

You know it’s a bad sign when your vacuum sounds like the Lost smoke monster.

Sad sad sad.  I wish it was because I used it too much.  I probably sucked up a Polly Pocket.


My sister brought her Wii Fit over today.  It’s said I was 45.  I’m not actually sad about that.  I figured it would say 50 something, so I’m 5 years younger than I thought I was.  AND I’m only ten years older than I should be.  I actually feel like that’s a reasonable goal.   Been doing the Weight Watchers thing 3 weeks now.  I’ve lost some.  Not much, but I’ve always been a slow loser. 

It’s funny how when you’re young and thin, you think that you’re fat.  And when you’re fat you think, how’d I get here?  And how can I get back to where I was when I thought I was fat? 

I pretty much know how I got here.  Friends with boys in college.  As long as I ate less than they did, it seemed all right.  Also, drinking with boys (and girls)  in college.  (See the eating thing.)  I think I got such a skew idea of what I should be eating that I couldn’t tell when I was full anymore.  Having kids didn’t help.   Lunch is at 11.  Even though none of my kids nap and don’t need to eat that early anymore, we tend to want to eat at 11.  And then we’re starving by 3.  Not conducive to good eating habits.

I am also contending with the effects of surgery and chemo.  I didn’t gain any weight while on chemo, which is good.  Unfortunately, what muscle I had has now been replaced with fat.  I’m also missing a good portion of muscle on my left side.  This was very apparent when I was making dinner tonight and couldn’t open the jar of garlic.  After a few tries, I gave up and used garlic powder.  That pissed me off a bit.  Can’t even open a stupid jar of garlic.

So anyway, I’m trying to be healthier, and even though people say you should just strive for that, I’m striving to lose weight too.  Losing 50 pounds cuts my cancer recurrence rate by 30 percent.  That’s a pretty huge incentive.

Shameless Plug

PLANINA at the D Note this Sat., 2/7!

Tell your friends! We’ll perform during the 6-8 pm “dinner hour” at the D Note, 7519 Grandview Ave., Olde Town Arvada.  $8.; phone 303-GO-DNOTE.

Enjoy soaring Eastern European music as you munch on the D Note’s award-winning pizza! Yes, there will be background noise and people talking. But it’s going to be great fun, and yes, there’s room to dance (although only some of our tunes are dance tunes). Bring kids – $4 for kids 6-12; kids under 6, free.

If you come for Planina, you may stay for the other acts at no extra charge – The Mourning Sickness (“punk&roll”) at 8:30 and Mr. Knowitall (a Primus cover band) at 10:30. Increasing decibels with each passing hour!

We’ll hope to see you 6-8 pm!

PS:  I get to sing some solos, duets and trios!

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