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So here’s a recent picture J drew of his daddy.


Never knew that the sweet man I married was also a mutant half man half flower.  Doesn’t bode well for the marriage.  Has anybody ever seen me keep a plant alive?


36 Part 2

We ordered Chinese for dinner tonight and were enlightened by our various fortunes.

Mine was very classic:

The boys’ were strangely related:

Then L read hers.  And we asked her to read it again, just to make sure she wasn’t being funny.

Lives in China, Yoda does, apparently.


So today I’m 36.  I’m sort of ambivalent about it.  I woke up feeling weird and disconnected and it sort of hasn’t left me.

School was fine.  I did have a little kid freak out in class and have to get sent home.  I’ve never had that happen before.  Mostly I just feel bad for the little guy that his life is so crappy he felt he needed to pick a fight in music class to establish his credibility.  Which, of course, it didn’t and now he’s in trouble.  *sigh*  I shouldn’t focus on the one negative incident since I had a lovely day with the rest of the kids, but I think it’s something inherent in teachers to want to help the ones that need help.

As for the ambivalence, I think it’s like a friend posted on my Facebook wall.  (Yes, Rex, I’m going to quote you.)  Heh.

“I think our souls never age, and are amused as they watch the rest of ourselves get older.”

Sometimes I think I’m 12, enjoying the music games as much as the kids.  Then they will yank me back to adulthood by needing me to referee.  Sometimes I am 80, with my joints and back creaky from Tamoxifen, but then later I’m back to my teens, playing Mario Kart with the boy.  I guess I just don’t feel defined by a number anymore.

It is, however, a good excuse to eat cake.

Mmm.  Cake.

Hey Cancer! Leave my friends alone!

And now I have that Pink Floyd song stuck in my head.

But seriously, Cancer, go pick on somebody else.  A heinous dictator, or mass murderer or something.  Leave the Mothers With Cancer alone.

My friend Sarah, of the pumpkin gingerbread fame, is back in the ring.  She is a fighter, for sure, but I think we should all take a field trip to her blog and let her know how much the blogosphere loves her (and her pumpkin bread).

Kick some ass, Sarah.

Mama’s Dress

2 years and 3 months later.  It’s done.

The husband asked me what I’d do if it didn’t fit her. 

He’s so funny.


I have to admit I’m a little worried about the arms.  Luckily she’s skinny.

What I did on Tuesday, or how I broke my ankle.

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good.  Got up on time, got dressed, decided to wear a skirt and tights (which those who know me well, know I almost never do), kids got ready on time.  We went outside to walk down to daycare and L said, “Mom watch out, it’s icy!” A little too late.  I turned my ankle so well it chipped off some of the bone on the inside.  Now, as an adult, I very rarely cry (cancer crap excepted) but I bawled.  Scared my poor friend at school to death when I called her.  Luckily, they were able to find a sub (kudos to that person for taking middle school music without a lesson plan!)  I couldn’t go in with the doctor until 11:45 am and then she definitely wanted some xrays.  So the husband (who took the day off to help me.  awesome guy.)  drove me over to the imaging center, where all the patients were sitting in the dark.  Due to a power outage.  Yep.  I know.  Anyway, so then they transferred all of us to the hospital to get our scans there.  So yeah.  I broke my ankle.   I have a couple days on crutches with an ace bandage until the swelling goes down, then they’ll give me a boot thing.  *sigh*

Top Searches

I’m always amused by what google searches people come by my blog.

For the last few months, it’s been “Clay Aiken”.  And “potty boy”.  It used to be “Wash’s Eulogy”.  The new top is “Fanny Pak” (as in my love of ABDC, which I haven’t been watching as much due to the working thing.)

My other funny thing is my blog now has enough people reading it that it is on the first page of google searches.  I used to be like 4 pages in.   Crazy.  I guess this must be my 15 minutes.  Probably should come up with something witty and poignant.

Maybe tomorrow.