Got the full pathology and hormone receptor report today.  Didn’t get the drains out though.  Darn it.  So the only info I didn’t know for the last pathology post was that I had heaps of precancerous stuff going on the left breast.  Had I waited or not found stupid lump this whole experience could’ve been much much worse.  So once again we all shout “Yay Mastectomy!”  The cancerous lymph nodes mean radiation as well as chemo but I will find out more on Thursday.   The hormone receptor thing is interesting.  During my first visit with the surgeon, she sort of glossed over hormone therapy because it’s apparently very rare that cancer in a young woman has those receptors.  So here’s the bittersweet: stupid lump and all it’s family members are actually positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors.  This is good news.  It means that the cancer can be fought, sort of like a battle is, on different fronts.  The bad news is this means I have to go into menopause and all the lovely things that goes with that.  It also may mean no more kids.  I’m a little annoyed at this, mostly because I don’t like being forced into decisions, but DH and I have two wonderful children and the receptor thing gives me a better chance at beating this.  It’d be a lot different if I were 20, you know?  But I’m not.  And I’m ok.  🙂  Still have my drains.  Darn it. But ok.