I swore to myself I wouldn’t do it. We finally have both kids sleeping through the night and I swore when it came time for J to start protesting, I would be the good mommy and put him right back in bed, crying or no crying. But then I hear this little voice pleading, “Want Mama.” You’ve got to understand that J was not a cuddly baby. Not alarmingly uncuddly, but his favorite way to show affection was a well placed head butt. So now, finally, at the age of 2 he wants to cuddle with me. So I compromised (caved) and cuddled with him in his room for about a half an hour. Back on the wagon today though, right? Grins.

Thought I’d add these pictures of J after a nap. I’ve definitely felt this way. Heh. In fact, I was about there today while Adorable Neice was loudly sounding her dissatisfaction with her carseat. I fleetingly thought to myself that it would be so very cool if I could order a beer in the Wendy’s Drive-Thru. Luckily National Public Radio came to the rescue. As horrible as it sounds, I don’t listen to NPR for it’s biting commentary, enlightening editorials, or informative articles. I listen to NPR when I need the kids to calm down. Works like a charm. I really should send them pledge.