So I was inspired to clean the house. The sad part is we have so much clutter, it’s hard to tell I made a dent unless you know what you’re looking for. Hrmph. On the positive side, I found all sorts of things I thought I’d lost, including some crocheted toys that I have lots of fond memories playing with. I mean, really. Who’s got a green pig besides me? Hmm??? My mom had a very crafty friend that she met while working in Germany in the 60’s and she used to send us lots and lots of handmade items. In fact, most of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments were made by her. Some were felt animals with sequins and some were satiny balls with pearl pins and ribbon. So anyway, I thought I’d include a picture of my green pig and yellow Snoopy. 🙂 Thanks Marian!

This is J in a sugar coma the day after Halloween. He said “I hoff oo, Mommy” today. Joy!