Not one to usually wax poetic about a shoe, I find that I will talk and talk and talk about my Keens. (I had a couple of inquiries about the new purple shoes!) I have a horrible time finding comfortable shoes that don’t make my toes fall asleep. When I was pregnant with J, I saw a pair of bright red Mary Janes with a sporty sole that I fell in love with. (Link is not my pair, but similar.) They were Keens. And they were the most comfortable shoe I’d ever worn. Next I bought a pair of blue Portolas which I pretty much wore when I wasn’t wearing my Mary Janes. Unfortunately, both pairs wore out this year and I had to replace them. I was happy to find a brown pair of Bronxes and my new purple Venice H2’s on sale in the span of a week. SO HAPPY! Ok. Wild raving about shoes is now over.