Crochet chains, that is. Please laugh at my attempt to be clever.

So I realize I haven’t posted for a bit. We’ve had a very busy week with swimming pools and playdates and I just haven’t gotten around to it. L said the funniest thing the other day as we were making a Target run (June has at least 4 birthdays and we are very behind in gifting). The clouds were gray and ominous and the wind was blowing something fierce and she said, “Mama (I love it that she calls me Mama!), why does the wind always come with the rain?” I said I didn’t know so she replied, “Maybe they’re best friends and always have to come together.” 🙂

So I have been knitting. AND crocheting! Marly invited me to be on her podcast for the virtual SnB which was heli-fun (to borrow one of her expressions, borrowed from Cartman I believe.) I’m still working on the helmet liner (there is a story about that on the podcast) and I’m almost finished crocheting a baby blanket. (The baby was born 3 weeks early!)

Pictures on next post.