I had a wonderful day today! John took the day off so we packed up the kids and drove up to Estes Park for the afternoon. I actually remembered the camera, but L’s pictures are much more fun to look at. So here are some of the highlights of Estes Park. The bridge and the car pictures were taken by L. I bought myself a tea infuser and some loose tea to try. L got some new shoes. Poor kid’s grown out of everything except her fake Crocs! And even those are a bit too small.
John also suprised me with a new Foreman Grill. Our old one took a tumble off the counter as Hurricane L ran by one day. It actually shattered. I take responsibility for leaving the cord hanging off the side of the counter, though. She felt so bad. So did I. Anyway, now we have the new, improved, autographed George Foreman Grill. Actually I’m super excited about it because they fixed everything I ever complained about on the old one. You can now select the temperature instead of just all the way on and all the way off. No more chicken jerky with raw centers! Also the plates come off for easier cleaning. Hooray!