If you have children, pets, are slightly clumsy, or, are all of the above like me, then you appreciate the existence of spill proof coffee mugs. I actually use mine more in the house then I do in the car. The downside to most coffee mugs is that they have two settings: open and closed. If you don’t remember to switch it to closed in between sips then you may as well be using a wide mouth bowl as far as spilling is concerned. After many tries with mugs of various sizes and shapes, I finally found what I was looking for. Enter the Contigo mug with Autoseal (sounds like something that should be on a car, no?) I found it at Target and it defaults to the “off” position. Hooray! You have to push a blue button on it to open the valve so you can drink and then it neatly snaps shut. And it was on sale too! It was meant to be mine!