So I blocked my cable pocket shawl today, and I do think it looks better. Of course, now my house smells like a wet dog. Note to self, don’t wear shawl in the rain.
On a lighter note, I asked L to let the dog out, and in typical 4 year old fashion she was taking her time. Thinking this was a teachable moment, I reminded her that Chloe going outside was her time to go the bathroom and how would L feel if someone wouldn’t let her go the bathroom when she needed to. In her best 4 going on 14 year old voice she answered, “Mom. I’m not a dog.” Ah. So much for the empathy training today.

J, on the other hand, is running around playing Rainbow Smurf fairy, sporting one of my very first attempts at a 2×2 rib hat. Amusingly enough, I thought I was making an adult hat at the time.