One of the reasons I’ve been able to get so much knitting done is that the whole family has been sick for pretty much all of the month of February. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Poor L has bronchiolitis now (along with the entire state of Colorado I think.) The other night, she woke up after being bed for about an hour and wanted to cuddle. How can I refuse? So she sat on my lap and sleepily said, “Mama, I’m not your little baby girl any more.” I agreed with her and then she said, looking at me with those big blue eyes and a very serious tone, “I’m your Snorty McSnort Snort.” Which then gave us the giggles and the poor girl had a another coughing fit. Snorty McSnort Snort is the silly name we use when we’re all stuffed up. Anyway, doc says she’s contagious pretty much as long as she’s still coughing, so we’re probably quaratined at least through next Wednesday. Hmm. Maybe I’ll finish the first side of Mom’s cable pocket shawl.