Well let’s see.  There was swimming.

Check out those goggles!




She may never forgive me for posting this one. Heh.


Skateboarding girl spent the week at the cabin with her grandparents.  Supercute niece says, “Aunt Nicole?  When is she coming back from the cabinet?”  Love.


So Most Cheerful Toddler wakes me up every morning.  In a myriad of ways.  Today, I hear him toddle in the room, exclaim “Cole!” and handed me a Diet Coke.  Another morning he brought me the TV remote.  Both days were much more pleasant than the day he woke me up with the fly swatter.

They all start school next week.  (Except Most Cheerful Toddler.)  And so do I.  Must.  Go.  Plan.  Now.