Getting up this morning was a challenge since both kids woke up in the middle of night and ended up with us.  It’s like they instinctively know that something is going on and just want to be with us.  But I should probably start at the beginning of the story.

As most of you know, I went on vacation with my family a few weeks back.  What I didn’t add was that the very first night I found a lump.  Yep.  THAT kind of lump.  Since I was out of state and there was really little to do about it, I tried to put it out of my mind, making a little mental note to see the doctor when I got back.  Well, 5 or 6 days later, it grew in size.  Or at least it seemed bigger to me.  This time I called my doctor who immediately sent me to an urgent care facility.  Let me tell you, no vacation is complete without a 5 hour trip to an urgent care facility (I got SO much knitting done on Cable Luxe Maxi).  And if you’re balking at the 5 hour time, my Mom said we’d probably still be there now if we had gone to the overburdened ER.  Anyway, they checked me out and agreed that I should immediately see my doctor when I got home.  Which I did.  Who immediately set me up for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Lutheran Hospital has a GREAT breast care center.  I love my nurses who made me feel so comfortable when I was so stressed out.  She kept referring to how young I am compared to most of her patients.  I don’t get called baby very often anymore.  Boosted my self esteem.  🙂  Anyhow, until this point, I pretty much had the attitude that it was nothing, just one of those funny changes our bodies go through.  I had my first couple mammograms.  Then another.  Then the ultrasound.  Then they sent me to set up a biopsy, which I really wasn’t prepared for.  There could seriously be something wrong with me?  All the horrible little morbid thoughts started to creep in as I sat in the parking lot and cried.  Since I’m not much of a crier, I didn’t want to go right home and scare the children so I went to Target where I learned that crying apparently ages you about 20 years as the checkout lady thought I would remember oil crisis of the ’70s.  Heh.  Only if they had an episode of Sesame Street about it.  🙂  Anyway, still not really ready to face the children, I found myself driving, looking for a place where I could calm down.  Where’s a knitter to go?  Our LYS of course, where the owner immediately could tell that something was wrong, got me some coffee, and let me just defrazzle.  She probably doesn’t even know how helpful that was.

 This brings us to this morning, where I carefully climbed over children and out of bed and headed to the hospital for the biopsy.  I had the least invasive kind, an ultrasound needle biopsy where they use an ultrasound to find the lump (stupid lump) and then use the needle to take samples out for testing.  Again my nurses and doctor were wonderful.  My nurse from yesterday actually came to find me to see how I was doing.  Little things like that are so amazing when you go through these things.  So tomorrow, I should know.

 Now I didn’t find my lump (stupid lump) doing my monthly exams like I should, but I had actually remembered to do one the month before so I can say with certainty it wasn’t there then.  I am only 33 years old and wasn’t even scheduled for my first mammogram until I’m 40.   But here’s the thing, if I hadn’t found this lump (stupid lump), I wouldn’t have gotten a mammogram.  And if I hadn’t gotten that, we wouldn’t have found the other three possibly precancerous areas that didn’t show up in a self-exam and wouldn’t have seen for 7 years.  Things happen for a reason I guess.

 SO ladies.  We all stink at remembering to do our monthly self-exams.  Sometimes it takes knowing someone going through this to make us do it.  Now you know someone.  Go do it.