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Baby hat done

I’m sure the people who started reading my blog for the knitting are in shock. 3 knitting posts in a month! Heh. Or is it four? I’m too lazy to count. Anyway, I finished the baby hat. It turned out very cute. Here’s the link for those who’d like to look it up. (Hopefully this works. I’m blogging from my iPod.).   (Ok.  Didn’t work.  Fixing now.)

I have enough yarn to make another hat in reverse colors. I already cast it on and intend to give it to super cute mini nephew. Not going to tell my sister though. Going to see if she reads my blog. Heh.



Getting my knit on

So I’ve got an accompanying job this week. For years now I’ve played many different Missoula Children’s Theatre productions around town. It’s a touring group of 2 that come and teach a week long musical to local students. Definitely a high quality experience and worth your time if one comes to your town. Anyway, I’ve played the piano for them for about 14 years now and marvel that I still haven’t repeated a show. Anyway, in the early stages of rehearsal I get a lot of knitting done. With the skirt finished, I needed a new portable project. I started the fair isle hat for my friend’s baby to be. It’s a free download from revelry. I’ll try to remember to post a link.

In other news, I got my first sunburn of the year. Woo. It was picnic day at school today and I sat outside with the kids. I so know better. Time to put a tube of sunscreen in the car for emergencies like that. I was wearing my compression sleeve so I now have a reverse truck driver tan. Again, woo.

And speaking of compression sleeves, a little girl asked me about mine at rehearsal.

I said,” the short version is that my arm doesn’t work quite like it should.”

She very seriously looked back at me through a darling pair of glasses and said, ” it’s ok. My eye doesn’t quite work like it should either. We’re lucky we caught it early. ” and skipped off to finish her dinner.


Hooray SWS Sweater!

So I finally finished the Paton SWS sweater.  The pattern is a Trendsetter Pattern that originally called for Scoubi Du.  I’m pleased with how it looks, but the lace pattern on the front was difficult to maneuver with the decreases.  There was very little instruction for this in the pattern and some of the instructions were in fact missing.  Luckily this is one of 4 patterns that come together and the missing instructions were identical to those for another sweater.  SWS Baby Sweater

I love my Zune!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas!  Kids were sweet and appreciative; so were the adults.  🙂  I’m almost done with the Patons SWS baby sweater.  I’m not sure why it is, but I have trouble getting set in sleeves to match up.  There’s always seems to be some fudging to do.  DH got me the Zune 8, which I am in love with.  In fact, I’ve been known to walk around singing “I love my Zune” to the tune of My Dog has Fleas.  It’s like when CDs came out and my friend who was the first to get one said, “Dude!  It’s like Plant is playing RIGHT here in my basement!”  Ok.  That’s probably not what he said.  But something like that.  And now it’s like they’re playing IN MY HEAD!  It’s so cool.

 My MIL asked me to make her some socks.  I’m very flattered but somewhat freaked about making them.  My sock record is less than stellar.  I actually finished one pair of ankle socks for me and one pair of baby socks.  My disasters still outnumber my successes.  Eek!

 And lastly for your viewing pleasure, Christmas morning at our house.  Snicker.