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Picture day 2011

Miss? Why are your lips blue? Are you ok?

Um. That would be makeup. But thanks for asking.

So I’ve started to have the kids sign out when they use the restroom. Don’t judge. I need to know where they are. ūüôā

I checked the log today and saw (names changed)

Jim. 9/27/11
Bob. Poop

I love teaching! Where else would this stuff happen?!

Minnows, Trout and Stingrays

So the kids started swimming lessons this week.  Every summer we sign them up for a session and they get a couple kicks closer to actually being able to swim.  The girl has really hit her stride this year, overcoming her fear of the diving board and become a swimmer.  This is the same kid that spent 3 years in the Minnow class (level 2).  (I probably jumped off the diving board only as many times as necessary in order to pass my swimming class.)

And speaking of proud. ¬†And Minnows. ¬†The boy was supposed to be in the Minnow class this summer and I someone¬†mistakenly signed him up for the Trouts. ¬†He was so scared. ¬†It is with a strange mixture of pride and remorse that I watched my youngest in the Trout class these last two days. ¬†Between momentary sobs and shaking with fear, he did everything the instructor asked him to do. ¬†And lest you think me the meanest mother ever, I did pull him from the class and enroll him in the correct level. ¬†I talked to his instructor and we agreed he could probably push through and stay in the Trout class but he might benefit more from gaining some confidence back with the Minnows. ¬†Don’t want him hating to swim. ¬†I did tell him though, through towel wrapped hugs, how proud I was of him. ¬†It is an amazingly brave thing to be that afraid of something and do it anyway.

To look into the deep, close your eyes, hold your breath, and let the water close over your head.

So, so proud of my kids today. ¬†ūüôā



Car in the yard 2: the sequel

Dear God:

I had the best of intentions to get up and make it to church today.  But there was another car in my yard.

I’m fairly sure that our house resides in the Bermuda Triangle for cars.

We had just finished watching the reboot of The Karate Kid (which really should be called the Kung Fu Kid) and had sent the kids to get their jammies on when I saw lights flashing through the front windows. ¬†J came a-running from his bedroom saying, “A crash! ¬†There was a crash!” and at first we thought he was making it up. ¬†I figured the lights had been somebody taking the corner too fast in front of the house and skidding a little, Dukes of Hazzard style. ¬†Little did I know that the lights I saw was a Jeep driving through our lawn, across the driveway, narrowly missing my sister’s car and the mailbox, across the lawn on the other side, swerving to miss our giant pine tree, rolling over (yes. ¬†ROLLING OVER) and landing in front of my neighbor’s house across the street facing the opposite direction.

As far as I know, the driver is ok.  Thank goodness.  She was able to walk to the ambulance.  The policemen did pull more than one bottle of alcohol from the vehicle so that does explain her impaired judgement somewhat.

Our poor traumatized children. ¬†It’s just now occurring to me that J probably saw the crash. ¬†And L is afraid to go to sleep. ¬†She wrote an account of what happened (maybe I should start a blog for her?) and created a sign for her window warning others to watch out for broken glass on the lawn.

So anyway, God, we probably won’t be making it to the 7:30 service. ¬† But I did want to thank you for watching over my family, the driver and my neighbors. ¬†This accident could have been so much worse than it was. ¬†If my sister had parked in the driveway. ¬†Or if the driver had swerved into the giant tree.

Thank goodness the damage is just a little sod that can be regrown.

Yours truly,


Getting my knit on

So I’ve got an accompanying job this week. For years now I’ve played many different Missoula Children’s Theatre productions around town. It’s a touring group of 2 that come and teach a week long musical to local students. Definitely a high quality experience and worth your time if one comes to your town. Anyway, I’ve played the piano for them for about 14 years now and marvel that I still haven’t repeated a show. Anyway, in the early stages of rehearsal I get a lot of knitting done. With the skirt finished, I needed a new portable project. I started the fair isle hat for my friend’s baby to be. It’s a free download from revelry. I’ll try to remember to post a link.

In other news, I got my first sunburn of the year. Woo. It was picnic day at school today and I sat outside with the kids. I so know better. Time to put a tube of sunscreen in the car for emergencies like that. I was wearing my compression sleeve so I now have a reverse truck driver tan. Again, woo.

And speaking of compression sleeves, a little girl asked me about mine at rehearsal.

I said,” the short version is that my arm doesn’t work quite like it should.”

She very seriously looked back at me through a darling pair of glasses and said, ” it’s ok. My eye doesn’t quite work like it should either. We’re lucky we caught it early. ” and skipped off to finish her dinner.


Spring Break so far…

Day 1: ¬†Waiting all day for the dishwasher repairman. ¬†The service window was 8-12. ¬†He got here at 2 pm. ¬†$300 bad keypad. ¬†*sigh* ¬†Watched a bunch of episodes of Fame (1982). ¬†I so wanted too go to that school when I was a kid. ¬†I even have a piano scarf like Bruno’s. ¬†What’s funny is back then I used to identify with the students. ¬†Now I identify with the teachers. ¬†Think I’m getting old. ¬†I’m quite sure one of my students is the reincarnation of Leroy Johnson. ¬†I think what impresses me most about the show is the fact that they all did their own singing, dancing, and playing. ¬†It wasn’t remastered a la Glee. ¬†Lori Singer (Julie) ¬†is actually a Julliard trained cellist. ¬†Lee Curreri (Bruno) wrote a lot of the songs from the show. ¬†Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy) got kicked out of the actual High School for the Performing Arts and was never formally trained to dance.

Day 2: ¬†Dr. Appointment – I’m a healthy fat person. ¬†Woo? ¬† I guess it’s better than having cancer. ¬†Anyway, it inspired me to get moving so I played ¬†Just Dance with the kids. ¬†Which led to this:

I’m pretty sure I’m keeping this video forever. ¬†It makes me happy.


Today is Day 3: ¬†Think we’ll head to the park and have a picnic. ¬†Think I’ll bring the camera. ¬†ūüôā


Sometimes I think the world feels ominous.  Where is my breaking point?

First, there was Kim.

Then there was a former student, who passed away suddenly last week.

My mother had surgery on her heart this week.  She is doing well.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully out of the ICU tomorrow.  Every time I see her she is better than the time before and I am confident she is going to be all right.

On the layover to my parents’, I got a call from my friend at school.¬† A whole family died in a car crash.¬† All of them.¬† Three sweet boys from my classes and their parents.¬† Gone.¬† It doesn’t seem real.¬† Then I see their pictures in the news.¬† I just talked to them.¬† On Thursday.¬† They were all standing outside the teacher’s lounge, presumably to go to the basketball game the oldest was playing in.¬† The oldest was really excited about his classes’ music project.¬† He very badly wanted me to add a Michael Jackson song to the line up.¬† And was so persistent in trying to get me to play “Keyboard Cat” on YouTube.¬† The middle boy, always quick with a smile, was learning recorder.¬† Always trying his very best.¬† And the little one had just finished his first big music program.¬† He was so serious.¬† Like a little grown up.¬† I’m pretty sure he remembered everything I ever taught him.

I feel like the world is ominous.¬† And heavy.¬† While I’m here supporting my parents through my mom’s surgery, I’m not really dealing with the grief of my lost students, but I know it’s going to catch up to me soon.¬† Most of the time it’s easy to focus on other things, but each time I think about returning to school on Thursday, I see their faces.¬† And I am enormously sad.


Why is it that I can’t get the¬†childproof cap off the bottle of ibuprofen when I need it –

And the bottle somehow manages to get open in my purse on its own?

What is it about February that sends children into a frenzy?

My friend in the mental health field says that problems are significantly higher in February than any other month.


I miss knitting.¬† And my knitting peeps.¬† I have at least 3 projects on the needles and I have no idea when they’ll get done.