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picture day

Today was picture day.  So I’m standing in the hallway with my cute little 1st graders who are primped and dressed in their finest.  Since today is the day I get the picture for my id badge, yours truly even did some extra primping this morning.  I did my hair.  I put on a little makeup.  Felt pretty good.


I was talking to one of my first graders telling him how nice he looked.  And he replied,

“You look like my Dad.’

Tales from the Kindergarten

So I walked into the office today and a little gentleman from Kindergarten was sitting there.

“Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Excuse-”

“Yes, _____?”  I said.

“I bit a boy today!”

First, I’m thinking, why are you telling me this? and second, that this is not something that should be a source of pride.

“You did?  Is he alright?  Can’t go around biting people.”

“But I’m a vampire in the morning.  See my teeth?” as he shows me his canines.

I had to leave before I laughed.

Kindergarten thoughts

Ask any teacher, and I bet they will tell you that they have back to school nightmares.   Mine used to be about the 6th grade throwing some sort of rebellion during my class.  I’d even get those dreams when I was not teaching, along with the its-the-last-day-of-finals-and-I-forgot-to-go-to-class dream.

You’d think I’d have middle school nightmares.

But I don’t.

Now the kindergarteners, on the other hand…


So I had my very first class of kindergarteners today.  They were cute and funny.  And only about a 1/3 of them speak English.  I have a feeling that my Spanish vocabulary is going to triple in the next few months.  I also have decided that teaching Kindergarten is like teaching a class entirely made up of my son.   All the different facets of his personality.  There are the School-Boys who follow directions and do their best.  There’s the squirrely-boys (no definition required, I think.)  There’s the Loud-shout-inappropriate-things-Boys, which in this case is a girl.   (Those of you that have attended church with us know this version of the Boy well.  🙂 )  There’s no-personal-space-boy, who pretty much spent the entire 40 minutes trying to get my attention by putting his hand on my arm, even while I was trying to play  guitar.  All in all, it was a good first day.  As long as I do my lessons in 5 minute  increments.  With every other activity involving hopping somehow.

Or marching.

And more hopping.

Absent Part 1

I have been woefully absent from my blog.  

(And I am woefully absent-minded this morning, as I poured myself a second cup of coffee.  In a new cup.  Which is now sitting next to my partially full first cup of coffee.  Heh.) 

So here’s what I’ve been doing. 

1)  I finished the semester Friday.  8th grade had their continuation, it was a sweet ceremony full of cute baby pictures and awards.  (I have asked to be reminded how hot it is in our gym any time I get a hare brained idea to have a program up there.) Next year we’ll print the program on fans, I think.   And both the students and I are happy that I will be returning in the fall.  Whew!  🙂 

2) I drove down to Canon City for the wedding of one of our Planinas.  Which means there was lots of music. 


And more music. 

I would love to know what they're singing about. It was in Lithuanian.

And cake.  Made by Planinas. 


And more cake. 


Congrats to Damon and Laima!  It was a beautifully fun wedding and I wish you guys all the best!  And can I just say that Canon City is gorgeous!?  I am embarrassed to say I snobbishly only associated it with prisons, but it is just beautiful down there.  Small town but large enough to have stuff to do.  And they had a yarn store!  Where I may or may not have purchased some yarn.  And needles.  

(I actually already wrote this post once and wordpress ate it.  Who knows where it is now, so this version might be a bit shorter.  Heh.)

I’ve got blisters on my fingers!

I’m not sure how or when it happened.

But it did.

I am now a guitar player.

What started out as me learning enough to teach my students has become an obsession.  I practice all the time.  My fingers really hurt. 

It’s so nice to be able to go out on my front porch and practice in the beautiful sunshine then stay cooped up with the piano.

(Don’t worry piano, I still love you too.  And I don’t forget who helps pay the bills.  Grins.)


So part of the reason I’ve been blog AWOL for so long is I’ve been playing pit orchestra for Aida (Elton John, not Verdi). 

1)  Dear SIR Elton, is it really necessary to write the entire musical alternately in the keys of  G flat and B major?  (6 flats and 5 sharps, respectively.)  Nobody likes those keys.  They’re just mean.

2)  I love playing pit orchestra.  Especially ROCK band pit orchestras.  It fulfills my high school dream of playing in a band.  And these kids were good.  I’ve never seen kids follow singers as well as these did.

3)  High school kids are wonderfully weird.  Yes.  This is a giant shoe pile.  I’m not sure why.  It was a pit orchestra solidarity thing.

4) No pictures of the show this year.  Didn’t get to see it.  Because I was in the pit.  Heh.  Sure sounded good though.  🙂

Happiness is

…successfully pulling off the middle school production of School House Rock.  Because it did.  Rock, that is.  🙂

Listening to my daughter sing her homework instead of reading it.  (She so gets that from me.)

Realizing later that the tune she is using is Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow.

Knitting the second arm of my mothers dress.

Drinking hot chocolate while the snow falls.