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Cider Vinegar Fly Pool of Doom

The only down side to receiving heaps of lovely home grown tomatoes are the nasty tiny little flies that seem to accompany them. Now I am a fly freak. Can’t stand them. The worst torture device for me would probably be to lock me in a room with tiny little flies and no fly swatter while L does her air raid siren cry. Anyway, one day I read a post on Purple is a Fruit, just about the funniest mommy blog ever, and she was talking about having a fly problem and her solution. A little cider vinegar with a little oil to break the surface tension in a bowl with plastic wrap on top. Poke a few fly sized holes in the top and voila! Instead Fly Pool of Doom! I have 9 flies already! It’s probably a bit sadistic that I count. Just don’t tell the DH. He’s really more of a catch and release man. 🙂

Sometimes it’s easy being green…

I’m always looking for ways to satisfy my inner hippie. My latest attempt was crocheting my own Market Bag from Knit.1’s green issue. I switched the direction of the handles so that I could hang it on the back of my stroller for extra storage as well. The black bags are from Safeway of all places. They now offer shopping bags made of recycled materials for 99 cents! The price was right and they hold twice as many groceries as the plastic bags. Granted they’re heavier then too, but hey, my arms need the workout.

Satisfying the Inner Hippie

So I’ve always been slightly curious about cloth diapers.  My friends and sister think I’m nuts.  But anyway, I’m too cheap to spend the money just to find out I didn’t like them, so I made my own fitted pocket diaper.  My husband is very proud of me finally using my sewing machine, seeing as I’ve not used one since 7th grade home ec.  So I bought some flannel on the remant rack at Wal Mart (no flames please!  Some of us just have to go there some times!)  Basketball print even, since my need for low price superseded my need not to gender stereotype.  Anyway, I looked online until I found a pattern for Home Ec rejects, got it all sewed together and realized I had made it too small.  So I found my trusty seam ripper, took it apart and added tabs.  Bleah.  So after about 4 hours work (not in a row, had to be a parent in between), I had myself a relatively cute basketball diaper.  Tried it on the boy and he promptly pooped in it.  I’m not sure if that’s a rejection or an approval.  But anyway, my inner hippie is somewhat satisfied for the moment.  Now I just have to make more than one.  Ugh.