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5 Snapshots

If you’re my facebook friend you’ve probably already seen these, but they are too good not share.

Giving her brother a fauxhawk. Or at least trying.


Happy Dinner Time


Planina at the Russian Festival in Boulder


L's reminder to throw away 2 year old frozen turkey


Most Cheerful Baby's Summer Reading

Cutest story ever

My 3 year old niece told us the cutest story tonight at dinner.

“Hey,”. She said, “Do you remember a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, (breathes) long, long, long, time ago?”

“We had carrots.”


Spring Break so far…

Day 1:  Waiting all day for the dishwasher repairman.  The service window was 8-12.  He got here at 2 pm.  $300 bad keypad.  *sigh*  Watched a bunch of episodes of Fame (1982).  I so wanted too go to that school when I was a kid.  I even have a piano scarf like Bruno’s.  What’s funny is back then I used to identify with the students.  Now I identify with the teachers.  Think I’m getting old.  I’m quite sure one of my students is the reincarnation of Leroy Johnson.  I think what impresses me most about the show is the fact that they all did their own singing, dancing, and playing.  It wasn’t remastered a la Glee.  Lori Singer (Julie)  is actually a Julliard trained cellist.  Lee Curreri (Bruno) wrote a lot of the songs from the show.  Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy) got kicked out of the actual High School for the Performing Arts and was never formally trained to dance.

Day 2:  Dr. Appointment – I’m a healthy fat person.  Woo?   I guess it’s better than having cancer.  Anyway, it inspired me to get moving so I played  Just Dance with the kids.  Which led to this:

I’m pretty sure I’m keeping this video forever.  It makes me happy.


Today is Day 3:  Think we’ll head to the park and have a picnic.  Think I’ll bring the camera.  🙂

More Tales from the Kindergarten

The last few months have been so heavy, I thought it was time for….

More Tales from the Kindergarten!

Tale #1

As we are just finishing up CSAP, those in the Specials world know that it means our schedule is thrown into much craziness, often resulting in doubled and tripled classes either on Evil Giant Recess, or what I sometimes like to call Music/PE film festival.  This year, during one of our films, I overheard two kindergarteners talking very seriously about the war in Iraq.

Serious Little Boy, “Well.   You know what it’s all about, right?”

Cute Know it All Girl, “Yes.”  Thinks. ” No.”

SLB, “It’s all about gas.  America has lots of gas and other countries don’t.”

CKIAG, “Well I knew that.”


Tale #2

Hello. My name is Buckthorn.

I’m a puppet girl.  Can’t help it.  They are sometimes extensions of my own psyche.  I’ve been known to go to lunch with the bunny still on my arm.  Oh yeah.  There’s a bunny there.  Anyway, I’ve had Buckthorn since I was a small child.  My librarian mama named him after a character in Watership Down.  It’s never occurred to me to change his name.  Till last week.

The kindergarteners know where my puppets live and get super excited when I start walking towards that cabinet.  I went to get my rabbit the other day.  One ecstatic little boy said, “You guys!  Sshhhh!  Be quiet! 

She’s going to get Butt-thorn!”

Shave and a haircut, two bits.  🙂

English Language Learner

So, having two boys as close in age as the boy and his cousin are living under the same roof has taught me many things.  Mostly that little boys (and their sisters) really want to be first.  At everything.  Going in the door.  Getting their food.  They even only want to use the number one Wii remote.

Which brings us to today.  I asked Kindergarten to get into a circle, and two boys were lagging behind, bickering in Spanish.  I asked them, “Are you arguing about who gets to go first?”  They sheepishly hung their heads, said, “Yes.” and sat down.  The little girl sitting next to me asked, “Did you learn Spanish over break?”

I said, “No.  But I’m pretty fluent in 5-year-old boy.”

Merry Christmas 2010

A friend of mine on Facebook used the Year in Status Collage application and pondered if it was going to replace our Christmas letters.  I played with it and found it gave a pretty accurate snapshot into what my year had been like.  It reminded me of things I had already forgotten.

My dad says that the adult years pass so quickly, and he is right.  Things happen.  Funny things.  Sad things.  Stressful things.  Lucky things.  It’s weird seeing it summed up by short witty Facebook phrases.

I’ve just finished my first year back teaching music.  Loving it.  My students inspire me to become better at my craft.  It’s so strange the differences between being a young single teacher and now a not so young mama teacher.  My mama and teacher voice are starting to sound similar.  Heh.  I used to rely solely on the piano as my accompaniment but I’ve started using guitar (Thanks Marcy for the loan!) much more often.  (I think Santa might be bringing me one this year!)

The husband is still working for the same company.  As I understand it, he’s starting to work more internationally (there have been conference calls to India!)  We both feel very fortunate to be working when there’s so many people looking for jobs these days.  He is a patient patient man who has been very supportive with all the changes this year. 

The girl is in second grade and now a proud member of Prep Choir of the Colorado Children’s Chorale.  She has learned many of the same songs I learned back in the ’80s when I was in CCC.  They do way more choreography now, though.  So cute!  The husband and I went to the Christmas Concert.  When I asked her what it was like to sing at Boettcher Hall, her eyes grew wide and she answered, “Awesome.”  Yep.  She’s my kid.

The boy is in his last year of preschool and continually cracks us up with his antics.  I especially enjoy his dance maneuvers.  I often forget what a big boy he is, and am surprised when he uses grown up words and phrases with his little boy lisp.  Lately, the kids have been playing Harry Potter and my favorite spell he uses is “Potato!” (Protego!)  It is quite a sight to see, the boy running around, Tinker Toy wand in hand, shouting “Potato!”

This year we also welcomed my sister and her family to stay with us.  It’s pretty much a sitcom waiting to happen, but times are hard and when we can help, we should.  Sometimes people think we’re crazy, but I cherish this time with my family.  We get to hang out with other adults (we trade babysitting), my children get to have a great relationship with their cousins, and I get a baby fix without having to actually have one.  🙂

Like my dad says, it all goes by pretty quickly and life at our house is anything but boring. 

So my Christmas wish for you, my friends, is that 2011 is chock full of not boring things and witty Facebook statuses.  What is the plural of status, anyway?

PS  You’ll notice (the boy often uses this phrase) I did not mention the C word this year.  In fact, I think this year, the C word is Crazy.  Heh.  Or Christmas.  Or even Cookie.  As in, I have not actually made any Christmas cookies this year and it’s now Christmas Eve.  Oops.  Or Card.  As in, I have not actually sent out my Christmas cards.  Maybe everybody gets Valentines this year.

Heavy Questions

So we’re in the car yesterday, jamming out to the Glee soundtrack.  Volume 1 if you must know.  And we hear a little 5 year old voice coming from the back.

“Um.  Dad.  (He wasn’t mistaking me for Dad, he really was in the car.)  Is the Earth going to blow up into space?  L says it’s going to blow up into space.”

“In 50 billion years!” she chimed in, rolling her eyes.  I couldn’t actually see the eye roll, but I could hear it.

“I don’t want the Earth to die.”  he said, sadly.

My husband assured him it wouldn’t and we turned the music back on.

Then we hear sobbing.  “I don’t want to die.”

“I don’t want to die either,” my husband said. “Everything dies sometime.”

“It’s part of the Life Cycle!” the girl chimes in.  (Thanks for that, darling.)

“Well, if the Earth blows up does God die?”

“Um.  No.  God is eternal.”

“What is eternal?”

“A little help here?” my husband whispers to me.  Yeah.  I got nothing.  And I’m trying to find the highway exit off of Santa Fe.  Not as easy as it sounds. “Eternal means forever.”

“Ok.  If I die do I come back as a baby?”

“Um.  I don’t know.”

At this point we turned the Glee Soundtrack back on.

So let’s see, we’ve covered the end of the world, the concepts of death, God, and reincarnation all in the span of a half an hour.  What kind of questions is he going to ask us when he’s in kindergarten?

 Later that evening, right before bed, he snuggled up to me and said the words that most cancer survivor mamas dread.  “I don’t want you to die, Mama.”  I tried not to read to much into it in hopes it was more about the earth exploding than my cancer.  I truly dread the day my children realize what cancer is.

“I’m not going to die any time soon, love.  And you’re not either.”


And I let him fall asleep in the chair with me.  Probably as much for me as for him.