So the biopsy is scheduled for Friday. This is important because the hormone receptors can greatly increase the arsenal of things we can throw at this. My tumors responded well to chemo last time and it would be good if they could do the same this time around. But truthfully, I know very little right now. Once we have the biopsy I’ll meet with the doc to determine the best plan. Now that some of the shock and awe has worn off, I’m ready to start treatment again. I’m it going to lie. I am in a crap ton of pain. I was managing it for a bit alternating Advil with Vicodin. But now I can’t take Advil until after the biopsy. It’s going to be one heck of a biopsy I guess. They want a big chunk of that tumor and I’ll be sedated to get it. So the meds are moving up to Percocet, so if you’ve been waiting for a time to sell me some swamp land in Florida, now’s your chance.