So I’m in this weird place between calm and freaking out. Tomorrow I have a PET scan that will change everything.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. Sometime back in May I noticed that my chest hurt when I bent over. It was brief and I tended it forget about it.

By June, my chest would be tight, so I thought it was iron bra syndrome which is very common with reconstruction. Ibuprofen gave it some relief but it kept getting worse.

The last week of June I went to my PCP (primary care provider) who diagnosed me with costochondritis. I started take round the clock NSAIDs, which helped for a time. It got worse through the month of July. I saw my oncologist who ordered a PET scan to rule out mets to the lungs which my insurance denied. I’ve written about my anxiety before. Well I think it got the best of me the Monday after the scan was denied and I ended up in the er where they gave me a ct scan to check for clots.

By the next Monday, the NSAIDs weren’t doing anything for my pain and the lack of sleep was taking its toll. This is the part where I get all gushy about my PCP. She basically took charge and said enough is enough. She immediately gave me some low dose meds for my anxiety which is pretty much the only reason I’m holding it together right now. Prednisone for costochondritis and pain killers so I can finally get a decent nights sleep.

She tracked down that ct that was done in the er and had it reread and sent to my oncologist. Unfortunately, it showed a suspicious hole behind my sternum and maybe some lymph node activity. Well, my oncologist got on the phone with my insurance and finally got the PET scan approved for tomorrow to look for bone mets.

So no matter what the PET shows tomorrow. There should be some sort of plan in place by Monday.

So that’s where I’m at.