So the kids started swimming lessons this week.  Every summer we sign them up for a session and they get a couple kicks closer to actually being able to swim.  The girl has really hit her stride this year, overcoming her fear of the diving board and become a swimmer.  This is the same kid that spent 3 years in the Minnow class (level 2).  (I probably jumped off the diving board only as many times as necessary in order to pass my swimming class.)

And speaking of proud.  And Minnows.  The boy was supposed to be in the Minnow class this summer and I someone mistakenly signed him up for the Trouts.  He was so scared.  It is with a strange mixture of pride and remorse that I watched my youngest in the Trout class these last two days.  Between momentary sobs and shaking with fear, he did everything the instructor asked him to do.  And lest you think me the meanest mother ever, I did pull him from the class and enroll him in the correct level.  I talked to his instructor and we agreed he could probably push through and stay in the Trout class but he might benefit more from gaining some confidence back with the Minnows.  Don’t want him hating to swim.  I did tell him though, through towel wrapped hugs, how proud I was of him.  It is an amazingly brave thing to be that afraid of something and do it anyway.

To look into the deep, close your eyes, hold your breath, and let the water close over your head.

So, so proud of my kids today.  🙂