So, as always, I’ll be plain.

I’ve had elbow pain on and off since about January, so when my oncologist’s office called to reschedule my 6 month appointment (which had accidentally scheduled for 5 months), I declined  because I wanted to ask her about it.

She felt a lump on my cancer side on my rib under my arm.   Which could be pinching nerves in my elbow.


It could be fatty necrosis from reconstruction and a lymphedema issue in my elbow.

Yes, I’m scared.  Yes, it’s more likely fatty necrosis than cancer.  So I’m trying not to freak too much.  But.  The thing about cancer is it seems to be unpredictable.

So chant with me please.  Fatty necrosis.  Fatty necrosis.  F-A-T-T-Y necrosis.