I find I’m having a hard time writing about this.  A few hours ago, a mutual friend called to tell me of Kim’s passing.  I’ve written about her before.  In fact, it was just over a year ago. 

Kim and I met right after we were both diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.  We live in the same town.  Heck.  We even have the same oncologist.  She was a devoted wife and mother.  And an artist, too.  I remember how sad she was she realized that her lymphedema risk would keep her from painting.  At Christmas and other holidays, she would share wonderful photographs of her children.  She had a great eye for that, too.  We went to our only Breast Cancer Support Group meeting together.  It was a wonderful group of women, but you know you’re different when the other patients suck in their breath in sympathy when they hear your age.  And your stage.  And that she was pregnant at the time.  Kim fought cancer hard.  And when she recurred, she had a renewed determination to live.  Brain radiation, clinical trials, and more chemo.  Until it didn’t work.  And now she’s gone.

My thoughts and prayers are with her beautiful family today.