My days are filled with kids.  Mine.  Students.  Piano students.  Mine again.  They pretty much fill my head these days.  When I have that far away look in my eye, it means my brain has wandered into kid land.  My husband jokes that sometimes my body may be home but my head is still at school.  Which is true.  I even dream about school.

Which is good.  Sure beats dreaming about cancer.  And although I wear my sleeve almost every day, it’s just become something I do.  Cancer is moving further and further away.  I’m getting  used to the achy joints and eye issues.  I’m getting used to the new silhouette.

Except for one thing.  It’s all numb.  Most of the time it’s not noticeable, unless I’m eating popcorn and some of it lands on my chest.  Today I was canning some apple butter and reached up above my head to get a cooling rack.  A roasting  pan, 2 cast iron pans, and the top of a rice cooker fell on me.  Couldn’t feel a thing.

Dangerous, or my new super power?

Probably should be more careful.