Ask any teacher, and I bet they will tell you that they have back to school nightmares.   Mine used to be about the 6th grade throwing some sort of rebellion during my class.  I’d even get those dreams when I was not teaching, along with the its-the-last-day-of-finals-and-I-forgot-to-go-to-class dream.

You’d think I’d have middle school nightmares.

But I don’t.

Now the kindergarteners, on the other hand…


So I had my very first class of kindergarteners today.  They were cute and funny.  And only about a 1/3 of them speak English.  I have a feeling that my Spanish vocabulary is going to triple in the next few months.  I also have decided that teaching Kindergarten is like teaching a class entirely made up of my son.   All the different facets of his personality.  There are the School-Boys who follow directions and do their best.  There’s the squirrely-boys (no definition required, I think.)  There’s the Loud-shout-inappropriate-things-Boys, which in this case is a girl.   (Those of you that have attended church with us know this version of the Boy well.  🙂 )  There’s no-personal-space-boy, who pretty much spent the entire 40 minutes trying to get my attention by putting his hand on my arm, even while I was trying to play  guitar.  All in all, it was a good first day.  As long as I do my lessons in 5 minute  increments.  With every other activity involving hopping somehow.

Or marching.

And more hopping.