Man.  Do I have it bad.  I should be working on super talented BIL’s Weasley Sweater, but I lost the book.   Can’t find it anywhere.  😦  I have no idea where I left it.  So if you’re local and I left the Charmed Knits book at your house, could you let me know?  🙂

Anyway.  So as well as the little hat from the last post, I have also finished a scarf and mittens for the girl.  I know, nothing says 90 degree weather like working on winter accessories.  My husband thought this was funny that I’m working on winter stuff for the kids.  I tried to explain that summer is for knitting little things (big things are hot on your lap), but really I think it’s just another way for me to hide my Knitting ADD.  I’m working on a hat to match the mittens for the girl, but I keep finding myself wandering over to Ravelry looking for other short committment patterns.

What I’d really love to have are some cute sweater vesty things that are all the rage right now.  I can’t make myself buy them because I know I can knit them.  Which means they’ll be way out of style by the time I get them done.  Heh.

Anyway.  Here’s the girl with her new mittens and scarf.  And yes.   I did knit i-cord to attach the mittens together and thread through her jacket.  Very vintage of me, I know.  But sometimes the old way is a good way.

I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 36 stitch mitten pattern from Knitting Without Tears and a stitch I don’t know the name of for the scarf.  (You knit on one side and K1, P1 on the other.)  It creates a fluffy texture to the scarf that looks nice on both sides.  The yarn is Encore Worsted that I may or may not have purchased in Canon City.