1)  Surgery went well.  Frankenlefty jr got a little lift, and Frankenrighty, jr looks pretty gross.  And I’m pretty sure half of it is in my armpit.  But this isn’t any different that last year.  Reconstruction is a long process.  PS has to build something from nothing and I get that it takes a while.  So I’ll be a patient patient.  🙂  With my 3 drains.  😛  Oh yes.  And I had vein in my hand blow during a blood draw so they had to move the iv to my arm.  Which was in the way so I had to have a central line put in my neck.  I look like I was beaten by a vampire.  Two vampires really.  Heh.

2)  We have a somewhat feral child who lives in our neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure he would live at our house if we asked him to.  This week, though, an extra kid to watch is a bit much for me.  The kids are on respective play dates today, so I was surprised to hear his scooter rolling across the deck.  He was so disappointed when I told him the kids weren’t here and said, “Well the sign says she can play and she should change it if she isn’t here.”  I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked in the girl’s room and sure enough she’d set up a Magnadoodle out her window displaying her playing status.  I agreed with him that she should’ve changed her sign and he rolled away.  Rather ingenious of my daughter to do that.   I think we might use her sign more this summer.

3)  I made a video of the boy the other day doing a very silly dance and he asked, “Are you going to put this on Facebook?”  My 4 year old knows about Facebook.  Crazy.  And yes.  I did post it.  As I will share it here.  Because it made me very happy.