I’ve written about this before (I think.  Or at least I meant to.) but each time I have surgery I have this urge to get everything ready.  Which is funny because I never get it all done.  So here’s what I’ve accomplished so far.

1.  Kids are signed up for swim lessons.  I completely failed at getting them signed up at our local pool.  The lessons fill up ridiculously fast because our pool is somewhat warmer than the others in the area.  So my kids are going to the famously freezing pool in July.

2.  I’ve been watching season 2 of Lost on netflix while I’m doing laundry.  I love the love story of Rose and Bernard.  🙂  And strangely, my washing machine is starting to sound like the smoke monster when it’s on the spin cycle.  Which then makes me wonder if that’s what they used for its sound on the show.  Hmm..

I loved the Lost/Target ads.  I’m pretty sure we single handedly keep Target in business.

3.  I made a truck load of chocolate chip pancakes to freeze for the kids breakfasts while I’m recuperating.  The girl is pretty good at using the microwave now. 

4.  I am lucky to have such amazing friends and family.  One of these years, I am not going to be the high maintenance friend.  I promise.  My brother and his girlfriend brought us food already and my friends at church have set up a dinner calendar.  My sister is taking the kids while I’m in the hospital (no small feat as that means 5 children under 7, one of which is a baby.)  John’s family also are helping out with the kids after I get home.  Did I mention how grateful I am?