So part of the reason I’ve been blog AWOL for so long is I’ve been playing pit orchestra for Aida (Elton John, not Verdi). 

1)  Dear SIR Elton, is it really necessary to write the entire musical alternately in the keys of  G flat and B major?  (6 flats and 5 sharps, respectively.)  Nobody likes those keys.  They’re just mean.

2)  I love playing pit orchestra.  Especially ROCK band pit orchestras.  It fulfills my high school dream of playing in a band.  And these kids were good.  I’ve never seen kids follow singers as well as these did.

3)  High school kids are wonderfully weird.  Yes.  This is a giant shoe pile.  I’m not sure why.  It was a pit orchestra solidarity thing.

4) No pictures of the show this year.  Didn’t get to see it.  Because I was in the pit.  Heh.  Sure sounded good though.  🙂